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I had so much fun creating this month’s guide and I hope that it offers a joyous light during the “dark season” when it can be easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole.


“Before Alice got to Wonderland she had to fall pretty hard down a very deep hole.”

— Alice in Wonderland

 Remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Just coming out of Halloween season aka Samhain, Dias de los Muertos has really opened up my world of communing with the dead, especially my Abuela that recently passed away and I traveled to Cuba to bury her in her homeland. Even with my patients, ancestors are popping in and offering guidance and love to their family on this earthly plane. There is magick all around us if we are open to it and STAY OPEN. By now if you haven’t noticed that I’m a bit taken with Alice in Wonderland, I have been since I was a child and used to dress as her ALL THE TIME even as a teenager.  There’s another awesome quote

“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”

This is the perfect time to take action on delving into these other realms…the veils are very thin. I was just at this super cool chicks house. She has had Crohn’s and much of her healing and understanding of her condition is expressed through art. SO she had made these amazing pillows out of rabbit hide and fur and dyed them herself. She even painted these funky “creatures” that looked like something out of David Froud’s Faery realm. As I started to work on her these underworld creatures began talking to me. I felt like I was on a mushroom trip. And indeed I was of some kind…that is what mushrooms are after all. They are not part of the animal kingdom and they are not apart of the plant kingdom either. They are part of the in-between. They dance between the place of the seen and unseen. They grow usually near the roots of trees where we enter the “below.”

My very first time working with mushroom medicine, I will never forget. I had taken a solution of coffee and ganoderma. I then went and worked out doing a bunch of cardio. I’ve been training all my life and my lungs never felt so expanded and powerful. I must have taken in so much oxygen that I really became superhuman. There’s tons of research and studies on this mushroom that is being used for HIV amongst other conditions in Japan. Just check out PUBMED and put in your search Ganoderma + __________. It is a huge immune booster and I mention it for the purpose and reminder that when we enter into these darker places wrought with peril it is important to be protected yes? And what better form of protection than our built in immune system. In Chinese medicine the lungs relate to death and letting go, grief, boundaries etc which is what Ganoderma chiefly works on as well as the liver. Both of these organ system are in control of our immune system. Ganoderma is super safe and one of the few herbs that is intrinsically balanced and not needed to be taken in a formula to prevent side effects because of misdiagnosing what you really need.

In astro medicine Mars (the ruler of this lunation in SCORPIO) is our immunity. It is our defense and offense. When you visit the Hooked On Neptune page there is more info specifically to guide you and listed keywords for this NEW MOON. Start feeling into how you can harness your will power towards some of those qualities. DO a special ritual with the music, light a candle and commune with an ancestor, saying thanks, offering some tea even and see what comes through the portal. In two weeks from now will be the full moon where what you “seed” now will blossom. I’ll have more posted for you then!

If you’re interested in getting some more specifics on how this new moon relates to you personally, check out my dear friend Starlight Muse’s Moon Readings. She is divine and I always love her insight.

How could we talk about Scorpio without talking about SEX?! Sexuality is by far and wide a brilliant entry into the sacred, sultry, dimensions. Tantra is an unbelievable practice and if you haven’t tried it, you really are missing the boat. Of course that’s just my opinion. I’m just sayin’. It has the capacity to expand your relationship to your own sexuality as well as with another human being. Bliss becomes a state of being when approached with the intention of full tantric presence, no touching necessary, no man necessary, just you. It is all energy after all. Check out my girl’s site Lourdes Starshower for more info and look into this field. She is dynamite!

What more to say today homies? Blessings to y’all. Stand tall and face your fears head on. It’s PHOENIX TIME. That is all.

Big Love From Above,



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