I couldn’t help myself. It’s what I love to do. Dream, vision, imagine, create something fresh, new and bold. So I hopped on over to a classic; CHANEL. Karl Lagerfeld’s 2016 Spring Summer Ready to wear show was set in the

Chanel Airlines! He is being awarded by the British Fashion Council an Outstanding Achievement Award. It doesn’t get anymore Saturn in Sagittarius than that people. Saturn is the planet of discipline, time, hard work, structure and Sagittarius is freedom, expansion, traveling of the mind, globe, cosmos. Just look at the structured jackets with big wild color splashes, and aviation theme. And those bright colored sunglasses….very Saggo.

When you blend Saturn & Saggo together you get “Biz meets Wanderlust.” Mystic Medusa quite frequently references Saturn as Gandalf and I can just see this steely eyed hermit character riding wild upon his stallion, globe trotting earning tremendous accolades and $$$ to boot after intense focus and dedication to his craft. I mean just take a look at this shit! If you are looking to shift up your wardrobe for fresh brazen biz acumen this is it!

My inspiration to write this morning coincided with the awareness of “oh shit” I feel this sense of crisis in the air. A call to action and bring my dreams to reality. We are at the first quarter phase of the moon cycle since our recent NEW MOON in SCORPIO last week. IT IS ACTION TIME. It’s like testing ground. Whatever intentions we made and dreamt of at the new moon are now like little sprouts and we get to see if they’ve got what it takes to root, grow and establish themselves in the real world. The angle of this moon phase is called a square. It is the same angle that Saturn  and Neptune have currently. The Saturn Neptune square is a bigger cycle and will last longer..approx the next 6 months. Some of you that are more sensitive to the movements and shifts of the planets might be feeling this today as Neptune has been retrograde and is going direct today. Whenever a planet goes direct we feel that planets energy stronger in our day. Neptune is the dream, the illusion, the veil, inspiration, glamour, magic, as well as drugs, shady characters and deception. How will you choose to work with this energy. Here are some questions to ponder and access where you are at with your visions for the future in regards to Saggitarian ideals: Freedom, Education, Growth, Expansion, Travel, Faith, Ethics & Morality & Neptunian Visions: World Compassion, Spirituality, Artistry, Glamour, Poetry, Soul-Mating

1. Are you/Have you created a plan to realizing your goals/dream?

2.Is it written down? Do you have steps 1,2,3,4,5 to getting there and are they prioritized?

3. Are there people that you need to call in for support?

4. Are there people you are waiting on to move forward?

5. Are the people you are waiting on really the best fit for you?

6. What is one thing I can do TODAY to move this project forward?

7. Is there anything right now that is keeping me from moving forward? What is it? Is it REAL or is it a delusion? If you need help with this part….you need to do the binaural or seek some help to eradicate false belief ASAP.

Karl didn’t just think about this collection in his mind and call it day. He didn’t let excuses keep him from realization either. He took action, planned, and got to feeding his dream in the REAL WORLD.

With the moon in AQUA today it is a brilliant opportunity to network, brainstorm and make the connections you need to make with friends on your same frequency! I’m talking chemistry. Electric, exciting and flash forwarding into the future. Make some time today to listen to some Binaural Beats. They are absolutely fabulous for jet streaming yourself into productivity mode in a calm, centered manner. I love them. I just recorded some Chakra CD’s with binaurals if anyone is interested message me for deets. You can also listen to on youtube. My heart chakra and third eye ones are pretty dope though! If you are looking for some more sensual support…BERGAMOT is the way to go. Perfume is Neptune btw…Invisible, seductive, magical, goddess invoking,etc,,, It is a fabulous fragrance for the brain, uplighting the mood and moving energy that may feel stuck specifically for the liver. Ok my friends, thoughts? I would really love to hear from you and what inspiration this brings or challenges that need addressing. I will pop in and check.



Big LOVE from Above xoxoxo,



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