I am having so much fun with the GEMINI full moon playlist lovies! I’ll give ya a lil tease….think crystals, jokers, and purple doves.

Although we are still steaming in Scorpio season know that this light hearted and playful Gemini Moon will be a beauty and some more fun to look forward to! Here’s an awesome quote from the lovely Gem sun Lana Del Rey

Do you see the yin yang here? DOING is yang (taking action), whilst LOVING is yin (receiving/allowing in.) We need both and in a harmonic flow with each other.

When I sing I notice this. How much pleasure am I receiving while projecting my voice? Ecstacy comes when these two forces are seamlessly merged within each other and there is nothing left but exquisite vibrations. Nothing else matters in that moment. I hope you find this quote inspiring. Keep your eyes on the shiny prize just the other side of this snakeskin shedding portal we are all in.

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Gemini Full Moon

November 25, 2015

L.A. – 2:44PM
NEW YORK – 5:44 PM
LONDON – 10:44PM
DUBAI – 14:44PM
SYDNEY – 21:44PM


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