AWWW it’s the time of year when the sun goes through my 12th house. For those of you that don’t know what the hell I’m talking about…that means it usually is when I retreat a bit from the world. I allow myself to dream a bit more than usual and prepare for a rebirth.

I can feel my energy levels dip a bit more especially if I’m overdoing it. In fact my energy levels will not bounce up until I’ve heeded the call. It is as if I don’t have reserves to do more than I’m supposed to.

Although, with this lunation, something is a bit different. There is way more of a spark. And its not the kind that is urging me to go and spend vast amounts of my resources (time, $$,) etc it is more of a keep things moving girl and with oomph. Break free from your slumber and still dream at the same time….IN ESSENCE


Now WTF does that really mean? How do I do that REALLY?

FAMOUS Saggitarian Bruce Lee has this great quote:


This feels so aligned for me and I’m sure for some of you at this time. The time is NOW to be living the life of your dreams. There is so much support and inspiration out there and inside of us to make this happen. This lunation with its aspects to Uranus–the change agent and great awakener, as well as Chiron, the wise centaur (half man and half horse) and athletic trainer of all the great mythological heroes, Hercules, Achilles, etc…is giving us the shove and the power tools to heal up old wounds that are keeping us, blocking us from moving in the direction of our hearts truest desires and being that which we know is our truth.

Staying present in the feeling of every detail occurrence and realizing that we have spirit on our side…”If God is for us, who can be against us?” And whether you are jew, christian, muslim, pagan what have you, what this really means is if you have the divine spark of your sovereignty within you, AKA A HEART BEAT, you are listening to the emperor/empress within, the one that knows what you are here to do and how and why, then what could ever stop that?…for that is your destiny my friend. Yes? The heart will never lead you where you are not supposed to be going–The heart is our compass for exploring new worlds and navigating the seas of uncertainty. Even if your ego or family, or whoever thinks==WTF are they doing, judging, blaming, etc.

Jupiter or Zeus the ruler of Sagittarius is the king of the gods! He does whatever he wants and a lot of the time in a really rebellious way….in myth he would transfigure himself into any creature he wanted in order to get laid! I mean this is a really animalistic and primal energy we are working with here. The centaurs, the symbol of Saggitarius were a rowdy bunch of drunks! There is medicine and meaning in their madness. It is just what the doctor ordered actually. The energy is in your loins….it’s the sexual chakra…that moves us toward pleasure and creativity. Saggitarius is a mutable, changeable FIRE sign. Think wild flame………..that propels us forward toward the time of our life!

Now Jupiter is in Virgo a sign where this kinda rowdy and arrogant quality is really brought to earth and in a way that is of service to our own heart. Virgo is an earth sign so we can really see in the material world what is manifesting. It’s practical, useful and healing.


Some questions to be asking yourself.


1. What moves me in my loins? Inspires me toward excitement and peace at the same time?

2. How can I be truer to my own heart?

3. Imagine yourself with unlimited potential, abilities, and funds, resources, luck, magick, etc…..

How would you be a servant to your own sovereignty?

4. What would I consider to be a “balllsy”, dare devil, risk taking move in my life right now?

5. Are there are old stories, wounds that are keeping you from this kinda chutzpah?—Get help. Ask for help. Put on your “big kid undies” and get it. It’s there for you for the taking my friend.


Here are some tips for Saggo Vibes & Luna Medicine

1. Wear funky clothes

Just take a look at another Saggo Jimi Hendrix

—if you feel excited and inspired by a rad and out there color–ROCK IT. So many rock stars are Saggos–that is the feeling we are going for now- Wild, big prints, bold rich colors, turquoise, royal blue, magenta, purple, glitter, bandanas, headbands, fringes, boho, leather, cowboy/girl style, boots, surfer girl style, short shorts–For those of you in warmer climate show some leg ladies!—Saggo rules the hips and thighs and most Saggos are blessed with rocking hind quarters!


2. Speak your truth—Saggo are renown for not having a verbal filter—They say what is-TRUTH-and it usually is funny and connects people.
That’s what humor is after all—It’s about being in the right place at the right time—Propriety-This is a virtue of the FIRE/HEART ENERGY.

3. Move your hips—DANCE, Make LOVE, Work out, walk with a bounce in your step or with swag, squeeze your butt cheeks if you need to, just get blood in that area! Here’s the link to this month’s new moon playlist mix  Saggo Swag for your “follow your bliss” kinda music.

4. Listen to foreign exotic music or eat food from another country, visit another country, engage with peeps from other cultures—This is what expands our horizons allowing us to not be so rigid in our opinions of what life should be life…our belief systems. Learning about what other people value, their cultures, and ways of seeing the world that is different from ours.

5. Take a new class, read a new book, take a course of study that inspires you

6. Try citrus scents, like Bergamot, Orange, and Mandarin or Pathcouli which is perfect for Jupiter in Virgo–very earthy and sensual.

7. Do henna, archery, ancient rune rituals…very wild and exotic

8. Curry. Eat it. The blend of turmeric and ginger and other spices is very balanced and gets your circulation going while clearing inflammation from joints at the same time–Very Yin/Yang-adding warmth to the body but also clearing excess heat!

9. Get naked and better yet do it outside in nature so you feel the air on your skin. Go streaking. I’m serious it is so liberating and really does feed the wild heart’s soul. Wanna take it up a notch and really do Uranus?-aka the wild card- Have sex outside, and with a viewing if possible-Sneak peaks are fun!

Last but not least—Feel the breeze in your hair. Feel fresh and clean. Hip Hop, You know the drill.

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