This is a big deal people. This Mars cycle lasts until AUGUST. This along with Mercury retro is setting THE tone for the whole of 2016.

I am taking time today to be very perceptive of the world around me and in me. What does my inner warrior have to show me about me? Can I listen more? Today’s insights will help tell you know more about what this upcoming Saga which is Mars in Scorpio/Saggo and Retro Cycle which is a theme for the FIRST HALF of this year means for YOU personally.

Let’s take a look at the recent film The FORCE Awakens as a ways to make sense and bring light to the situation. Luke Skywalker has always been the champion of the Force. Such a great metaphor for the warrior source within. In the movie Luke Skywalker has matured. He has a beard and lives alone in a cave. The territory that Mars is about to cover is the very same territory that Saturn, the planet of sagely wisdom has cleared. Saturn is currently at around 10 degrees Saggo now.  So to me this is about using our Mars drive wisely. It has an older feeling to it. A man that has been around, learned lessons and not all young and brass. Kinda like a Mars in Capricorn vibe.

Meanwhile we’ve got this Mercury Retro about to begin on the 5th of Jan. I’m already feeling. How about you?

This too me this is more about “I don’t wanna go to school, I just wanna break the rules.” LOL Using our minds in a different way. It’s not about being all wild and reckless with no rules at all but about making your own rules and through that process bringing you more personal sense of authority.

Mercury retro is about rethinking our strategy, goals, how we get security in life and accomplishments, status, recognition because he is going through the SIGN of Capricorn. Check out where Capricorn is in your chart to know about Mercury Retro for the whole month of January. This is good for rethinking what you want 2016 to BE about and how you can use your communication in a way that is original, inventive and non-threatening to consider new options. After this mercury retro is over would be ideal to set intentions for the YEAR.

From the TAROT the Six of Swords is a great card to contemplate for this First Mercury Retro which sets the tone for the year.



Being able to focus the mind to look at the whole picture in an objective way. Taking a little retreat after a time of avoiding the truth you didn’t want to see. Also being able to consider many different things at once. I will be working on a special Mercury Retro Elixir if anyone is interested please message me. It will be super affordable and easy to use. The formula I’m really wanting to make for myself so that I can listen better and have my mind be sharp, yet calm not over active yet I know some of you might also be interested. From this place I can communicate clearly, kindly and honestly which will help bring me more personal confidence, freedom and biz! Mercury is THE god of commerce, as well as writing, selling, healing, etc. So if this is your industry, use this time wisely.

This is a year for the SHAPESHIFTERS. But more about that in another post.
Ok so now for the Mars Retro PREP.

**Mars retro Shadow: When things start simmering down…

February 17th 2016 @ 23 Scorpio

**if you have planets or points near 23 degrees anything this is something to pay attention to. What happens here is setting the tone or posing the question of what will go down and what this cycle is all about for you.
The actual Retrograde is April 17th 2016 @ 8 degrees Sagittarius, this is also an important location.

Mars will be slowly revving his engines although not making any forward movement during this time. Everything Macho Mars—men, vitality, immunity, assertion, you get the gist …are not strong at this time….it is a time to step way the fuck back and allow for a reigniting of spent energies. Allow things to slow down, men leaving your life, your inner masculine is taking some downtime.

Mars Direct is June 29th 2016 @ 23 Scorpio– this is still a slow moving Mars until he regains his momentum by leaving the Retro shadow zone

August 22, 2016 @ 8 degrees Saggitarius

and we are done with that!
With so much love & of course stardust xoxoxo,


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