So I know I have been writing about what is going on in the stratoshperes and beyond but how I can make sense of that? How can I integrate that more into my body and make sense of what that really means. I hear you say! Nietzsche says beautifully “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.”

Which brings me to the bright and bold Calendula. Here is a picture of her in all of her glory like the sun.  After inhaling her fragrance and steeping some dried petals into a tea, the flavors bitter, spicy, and what I would call bland or even “neutral” are what I pick up.  In Chinese medicine the bitter flavor goes to the heart, the spicy to the lungs and bland to the digestive system. Noticing that this lovely flower reminds me of the sun which is akin to the heart. The medicinal properties of this beautfiful flower are to open the heart and heal injuries when our boundaries have been crossed, ie: Pain in the body, burns, cuts, skin abrasions, poor circulation, menstrual irregularies, pain from congealed blood and emotional scar tissue wounds.


Immediately what comes to my mind are the current astro cycles of Mars in Scorpio and the Mercury Retro cycle. Mars is the warrior and can’t you just imagine the penetrating and piercing quality of him in the sign of the scorpion, going down into the depths of the places in which we like to hide because they are ugly, dirty, shameful and vulnerable. The places of the shadows where we may lie to ourselves out of fear of feeling our own power and great wickedness. This is dangerous territory and yet holds within it the potential to heal as well as “hex.” To dig up buried treasure that will ensure our security. In order to go deep which is a Scorpio theme, requires us to get very knowledgeable of our personal boundaries, values, and motivations.  And yet at the same time Mercury, the light and superficial sprite known as the guardian of the thresholds is also going into this same territory.  His retrograde cycle is likened to our psyches taking a trip into the abyss of the mind. Mercury is the only god permitted to enter the underworld and come back alive, unharmed free of charge.  So we have him as our ally in this mission to empower ourselves as well as our plant ally Calendula  AND Ginger which I will write about in another post.

In astro-herbology, which is ancient medicine mind you. Hippocrates himself the father of medicine stated “A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”  Herbs and astrology have been going hand in hand for a very long time. I have been delving into these depths, studying the correlation and implementation with myself and patients in a whole new way and have been so fascinated with the findings.

With Mars traveling the first decant of Scorpio currently, which is the seventeenth Lunar Mansion, I was intrigued to find these descriptions of this placement which is specifically 25 Degrees Libra to 8 degress Scorpio.

Name: Al-Iklil (“The Crown”), Sword

Traditional Imagery: the image of a monkey in an iron seal, holding his hands above his shoulder..”

Keywords: Security, protection, armor, slander, honor, sovereignty

Auspicious for:  Justifying acts of crime, creating meaningful and enduring friendships, reclaiming your power and sovereignty, securing wealth, bringing protection againt theft of self-worth, engaging the trickster to become clear with our truthful boundaries.

In essence the opportunity during this time is to bring justice to any crimes committed by the trickster against your own truthful set of personal boundaries. “Tricksters test the boundaries of truth.” -Alexis Cunningwort. Realizing more success in your life through deeper meaning and truth in turn creates more internal wealth. Learning how to better invest our resources in a way that enriches our self worth. Reclaiming your crown of sovereignty and personal power.

So how does Calendula help? Calendula helps us to bravely open our sensory orifices specifically the eyes and ears so that we can see clearly, shining a light on what we may have not wanted to see in the dark. Open our eyes wider to get an accurate picture and higher perspective of what is really going on. Open our ears so that we can hear the voice of truth in our own hearts, so that we can establish where our boundaries are and where along the way we may have lost or have let a piece of ourself be stolen. Helps to keep the argumentative and battling spirit and swords down so that we can identity what has value in our communication. Finally Calendula keeps our hearts open so that we can allow new perspectives and unexpected alliances into our life.


As with any herbs, please consult with a physician if you are going to take full strength extract or decoctions. To drink this flower as a light tea is safe.

Calendula is contraindicated if you are pregnant as it does move the blood.


Lunar Apothecary Course

Planetary Herbology, Michael Tierra

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