SO here is a quick backdrop of the lunation and what it means. This new moon falls @ 19 Capricorn , which is an earth sign ruled by the TIME LORD Saturn aka Kronos, The Devil (Tarot), and the Lusty Satyr Pan. Now, when I say “ruled” what I mean is that we look to where Saturn is because he is the one in charge. He is the captain

of the ship. Example: Capricorn is the name of the ship but Saturn is the one steering.

So, Saturn is currently Conjunct Venus in Sagittarius at the time of this New Moon lunation. Our focus shifts to RE-BUILDING relationships that can GROW & ENDURE. Now, can we expand our perspective of relationship to include the one that we have first with own our body, our heart, and mind? The relationship we have to our faith, our truth and beliefs? Do we have beliefs or delusions? Are they sustainable?

A key word of Capricorn is INTEGRITY and we cannot really step outside of ourselves to respond to others and be a contributing member of society if we have not first cultivated a solid foundation within ourselves. Capricorn is the WISE ELDER and totally OK with things done step-by-step; no holding back and yet not pushing forward. Like fine wine, whatever we value over time will only get better with age. Some of the best things in life are those worth waiting for! This is what Capricorn medicine can teach us. At the same time the shadow aspects of Capricorn are those of CONTROL and a great FEAR of not being good enough, which can be a self-fulfilling demon. These are questions to ponder at this time.

*What relationships in my life are worth my precious time & resources?

*What goals in my life need to be re-thought, re-fined, re-structured?

*Where in my life do I need more support?

*Where in my life am I too rigid and stubborn like an old goat?

*What dreams of the heart, my passions and creativity, do I have that need re-visioning and better planning?




What does this mean in terms of fashion & style?

Fashion and style isn’t just about clothes. It is about the way you rock your life! So when I make references to colors and texture yes, of course please visualize and go through your closet and palettes to connect but, also think in terms of what does the color “blue” look like in my life. Ya follow? Of course you do wise one!

Ok, since Venus is quite prominent in this lunation. We must pay her homage! Here is a gorgeous quote that sums up the Venus/Saturn Signature which is minimalism:

“Perfection is not when there’s nothing to be added, but rather when there’s nothing to be substracted.”

AHHH how lovely and elegant does that sound?!

Heidi Klum is a brilliant source of inspiration to draw upon for the Venus Saturn signature, and of course our Kate Moss, the BOSS. Heidi Klum has Venus Saturn natally and Kate is a Capricorn. So, GO ahead. Take a gander, what do you think of when you think of these goddesses?


You bet-cha! Is it just me or are they the epitome of ageless beauty? I mean they’ve been around forever and yet every time I see them— they STUN me. What they’ve done really well is preserve their beauty resources. In Chinese medicine we call this substanec JING. It is our essence. It governs our ability to mature, reproduce and heal. We are born with a finite amount and we don’t get anymore of it. That’s it. We can maintain and extend our “gas tank” but, we don’t get to add to the initial investment that our parents gave us. It is hereditary, our DNA inheritance if you will. When you run out of jing, you die. So the idea is if you want to age well, then you don’t want to expend your jing frivolously.

In every decision we ask ourselves, is this worth spending my life force on? If we truly LOVE and value (Venus) something, then most likely the answer is yes- and extra credit points if we can profit from the exchange. If not, then we hold, contain and bank it up within to save for a more worthy opportunity. SIMPLE right? LOL. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Capricorn is re-known for their work ethic and turning challenges into opportunites. In fact this is how they relax. They love the shit out of hard work. That is their SECRET, it can also be their demise.

In ancient times, Capricorn was also known as the MER-GOAT, having half the body of goat and the other half was that of a mermaid’s tail. This symbolized the esoteric nature of their ability to be the doorway of the mystical and being able to channel that into the earthly realm. Capricorn creates structures upon which to build their life. In the body this is represented by our skin and our bones. When we take care of these areas we are infusing our life with Capricorn medicine.

The skin is our most external border as Capricorn is very much concerned with boundaries and limits. SO, this too is another area of concern. Should skin troubles be ailing you, it very well might be related to an issue with your personal boundaries within a relationship. IE, what your comfort level is in extending yourself and if you’re needs are being met and your safety is assured. Boundaries and limitation are an expression of love. They are there so that we can feel contained. Think about it. That’s why we have skin so that all of our vital blood stays inside and we don’t let pathogens in our sacred space. We need boundaries. This is a root chakra necessity, the foundation of our entire ecosystem.

Also according to Chinese medicine theory our bones are the reservoir of our marrow and by extension our brain. When you hear the expression ” I feel it in my bones.” What that means is someone is knowing something so completely by tapping into their liquid memory consciousness which is the blood.

So in terms of style, Capricorn style is all about minimalism. It is elegant and simple, ‘bare bones.” Each item or element is strategically chosen because it is most likely of excellent quality, possibly economic or at least a status symbol that reflects mastery and is the best that money can buy. There is an emphasis on highly structured pieces like jackets and well tailored, form fitting pieces. You can also look to old school styles like the 40’s with the high waisted skirts, slacks and of course the infamous suit. So Chanel, which is very Capricorn. Nothing says classic enduring style like pearls and Coco!

All the earth tones like taupe, slate, even burgundy, bone, navy, and onyx are excellent hues. Stone textures, fish scales or the iridescent will highlight the mer-goat and bring more balance if you are needing to lighten this up Stripes and solids are always appropriate Capricorn choices as are all the metals but especially lead. Wear metallic jewelry versus precious stones.


Scents: Real vanilla extract, magnolia, honeysuckle, the oriental fragrance family, cypress, cedarwood

For health, Capricorn time is excellent to nourish the moisture levels in the bod and tonify the brain. Herbal infused body oils are killer, like St Johns Wart in sesame oil. Coconut oil applied externally andtaken internally along with cod liver oil. For health tonics Capricorn does really well with mineral rich anything: seaweeds, epsom salt baths, root vegetables and herbs like burdock root and horsetail teas, licorice, and amla, ginger if the metabolism is a bit cold and sluggish. If depression and lethargy arise, good old fashioned sunshine and/or a real-tear jerker flick can help to restore balance. Remember the opposite energy of Capricorn is Cancer…the yin to the yang….so nourishing home-style foods, spending time with mom and the family, the ocean, romance novels and movies, pictures and memorabilia, and family trees are Capricorn astro panacea bringing a deeper insight into your how your life has unfolded over time…where you’ve come from and where you are going.

Last but not least:

Here is the link to the Capricorn Mood & Moxie Playlist
so that you can have a nice backdrop to your intention setting, game-planning, time-mapping, strategy sesh with your lovely lonesome (Cappy’s do their best work ALONE.)

January 9/10, 2016

L.A. – 17.30
NEW YORK – 20.30
LONDON – 1.30
DUBAI – 5.30
TOKYO –7.30
SYDNEY – 12.30

Alright my lovies xoxoxoo,


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