the irony of pride

it all began


my old friend

it’s you again

crystals dazzling shattered glass

the walls and floor

now decorated not like before

the descent begins

and there is no turning back

the road to hell

has been chosen NOT well

like aphrodite once before

the underworld awaits the whore

that has sold her soul torn

just a piece has been stolen

the crown & jewels that so adorned


shall now be your home

4 walls of isolation

all for fucking temptation

the lie

was pride

so beautiful before

is this all real?

am i really here

blink, blink, blink


ahh yes it’s you

we’ve met many times before

but never this clear

grim, sober, and sincere

the cutting cold

a tell tale sign

of satan’s design

the silence so loud

the moans and cries

shivering shakes

my body it constantly makes

to stay awake & alive


i repeat


i repeat


i repeat

are you my only friend?

i’ll pretend

just to salvage my mind’s end

otherwise be eaten alive

“if only”…..

“if only” does not exist in here

the cold

the blaring cold

will it ever disappear?

this torturous ride


where have you gone?

i now solemly do swear

to bond

to weld you on my hearts tear

for what is life without you who has disappeared?

i lost you for the sake of pride

and now i’m inside

the poking, the prodding

the remarks of disbelief just for control

and constant questioning

despite already being told

“i’m warning you” she said

now stripped bare

the temperature drops yet again, again, again

as vulnerable as one can get

bent over

will this ever end?

and in a flash

hope appears

the warmth of a smile

i now hold ever so more dear

it won’t be long now

i hear

i’ve done this before


in a place like this?

how curious!

the cruelest joke ever told

to think that morning

i saw the bird, the crow

the raven

her ominous mystery

i now know so intimately well

the deceptive spell


for you i sacrificed

all honor & respect

and for what?

the anger blinds

and hides

what i truly longed for inside


the irony is

i fought for you

but you can’t lose

what you don’t already have


did i need to learn this way?

of course not i say

but in all truth

nothing compares

to the smackdown of fear


hello my only friend in here

being poked & prodded

stripped of all my jewels

the very jewels

i used to hide

my darkness, my brokeness

my inside full of pride

every inch seems to slip away

my comfort i slide

the temperatures drop colder & colder

ice is @ my back and 4 sides

encasing, isolating, defying

my very existence to

be who i am


and flowing


will i

let anything take my authority

my freedom

my unique

ability to express and dress

i have lost all dignity

and respecct

all because

in my rage

i lost my own sense of peace and self

all in the name of justice

what a lie i swallowed

what will they say?

i don’t know, i’m not sure

oh to be inside

a sadness fills me

i guess at least that is something

when before you were nothing

lost in chaos & confusion

blink, blink, blink,

where am i?

is this even real?

i don’t belong in here

the anger blinds

a journey that seems never-ending

when will i see the otherside?


to play?

will i even survive the constant shivers

friends in a place so cold

moments of laughter

how bold

we must be closer

i feel life

the soberness is dying!

and the fire is abiding

what a mess

and now to contest

and regretting the confess

fuck my life

i’m now on the otherside


for the sake of pride

and in return

how paradoxically stolen

in defense a token

for the sneaky devil


in my pride defend


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