The time has come.

To say this eclipse season has been intense would be an understatement and yet, it is during the labor pains of life that we are able to test our own strengths.

This eclipse occurs in the sign of Libra, the scales. At 3 degrees of Libra we are called to speak up, make a decision and seal the deal. The energies of this lunation are auspicious for negotiating your heart’s desire and assisting in providing an atmosphere of easy word flow to get your truth across.

If you like me and so many of us are at this time struggling with an overflow of feelings, self sacrificing patterns and possible escape urges; keep the faith. What is being called within us is an opportunity to commit and take action. If you find yourself wavering back and forth over an issue just KNOW. The heart knows all. Anything else is a delusion. Libra asks us to become a deep listener to ourself and to our beloveds.





“Delusion is the minds tendency to seek premature closure about something. It is the quality of mind that imposes a definition on things and then mistakes the definition for the actual experience..”
Mark Epstein


Some questions to ask of yourself:

*Where will you choose to take action for more love and truth in your life ?

*What purpose does beauty and glamour play in your life ?

*What is the highest expression of your divine love for your fellow brothers and sisters?

*What needs rebalancing now for a win-win scenario in your relationships to your own heart as well as those beloveds reflecting you?

*What are the commitments/contracts I have made with myself

*What are the committments/contracts I have made with others?

*When do I feel most intellectually friendly?


Last but not least,  I recorded an invocation to Rahu!!!

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