Yes lovies!

I am writing to you now from such a place. What if I told you that you can and will create the life that you were designed to have. The life that you know yourself to be in your heart of hearts.

I didn’t say it would be easy and I didn’t say it would be hard. All I said is that right now the energetics available to you and within are aligning to break through any fears that are holding you back from realizing the dream and awakening the seed from its sleepy slumber. The opportunity to release any past pains and/or anger that are frustrating your system is NOW.

Ok so let me explain a bit about Aries energy which is the keynote of this new moon lunation. Aries is THE first sign of the zodiacal calendar. In our body and in our lives it is the symbol of the seed which contains all the genetic information, blueprint, etc to grow and become the most brilliant and vital expression and manifestation of WHO YOU ARE.  It is a bursting forth of life force energies. A desire to identify and be seen and be heard. It is primal and animalistic. Aries says:

  “I AM”

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It’s off the   $$%^  chain!

Just like the heart beat…. In fact Aries is the impulse of the heart beat. BIG BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. FIERCE EXPRESSION.

A will to live. There is no choice here. Either live or die. Fear or love. Those are the two choices here that a seed has. If we can take this most pure expression of Aries Fire energy, we can ask ourselves this question.

What is authentic to me?

My teacher Thea Elijah always used to say

“You can be YOU or you can be ill.”

Now this doesn’t mean the ideas that we have in our mind. That is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about whatever we have taken on by other people, our “responsibilities”  and so on. These are what we think we should be and think we should or have to do. NO. It is a knowing within our BEING. And it is instinctual. We feel a rush of energy in our heart center when we come from this place.

Unfortunately through time and time again of not engaging with this phenomena, this sensation can become so encrusted with NON TRUTH that we don’t even know what that feels like anymore. We “forget” what our hearts really desire.

With this lunation which is tied up with Uranus “the awakener” if we are not being our most wild and free self what can happen a lot of the time is external forces happen to shake and rattle us into the PRESENT. Nothing gets us more into hearts really fast than an accident. If you’ve ever been in a car accident or been struck by lightening or hit in the head or nose….you know what I’m talking about.

So this new moon has this potential for us to get us so in tune with our own heart, either by us taking the initiative ourselves or if not then it may have to come from an outside force which shakes us to our core.

Some advice:

The ruler of this lunation is Mars. Mars is about to go retrograde in Sagittarius on the 17th. I did a podcast a while back so you might wanna take a listen to that again for a refresher. From now until August 22 we are about to find out how strong we really are.  What is worth our time and energy. What we truly desire in our life and the relationship we have with our inner warrior will blossom in order to score that victory.

You can listen to that on soundcloud here!

Mars is the yang to the yin of Venus. The iconic lovers. We really can’t have one without the other. Venus is currently in Aries asking us to be bold in our seductions. Using the power of our attraction to get our courage in gear. Having the courage and vulnerability to ask for what we need. This is a key to not getting burned out in this lengthy saga.

Ok some reflection time and questions I think will be helpful to laser in and focus like a boss and get down to the biz.

• When was the last time I stepped off the edge in wild trust?

• When do I feel my most wild and free self?

• What does my raw and passionate animal-self look like?

• What are the skills that I possess that help make me be brave?

• Where do I need more courage in my life?

• What are old hurts, grudges or traumas that I still feel angry about and that it is time to release?

Need some tonics to support you along this journey?

Aries Moon Medicine:

You need to be a ruler, in charge, in your face and assertive. If you don’t feel that you are DOING this, you will be aggro, depressed or stuck.

*Crazy bouts of exercise, adventure and risk taking

*Loud red colors, especially lingerie!

*Iron rich foods like red meat, chlorophyll, and black beans

*Musky and animal scents like patchouli, ginger, ginseng like “ARES” botanical perfume!!

*Rubies, garnet, and bloodstone

*Scalp massages

*Luxe Sport Bags, Sneakers and Workout Gear

*Drumming and heavy metal or african beats that you can feel your blood pulse through

*Red nail polish

*Borage herbal tea-boost self confidence and courage
Helps to keep us cool. It clears heat that festers in the liver and gallbladder. Great for headaches, rashes, signs of heat and inflammation

* Burdock root–THIS is a personal favorite of mine. Helps to clear out long standing anger and realize why we got angry in the first place & how to use that anger wisely. Great for immunity and cleansing and purifying the blood.

*Tattoos fake or real

*Listen to John Coltrane’s Giant Steps (it’s on the I AM ARIES playlist)

So to wrap up, this New Moon is really the beginning of a lengthy SAGA lasting until August. Also the full moon in two weeks (April 22) will be a great indicator of where you need to rebalance at all, and perhaps some hidden gems of wisdom will come to light of what you’ve been hiding in your depths…that need to be harnessed for more self empowerment.
More about that later….

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