“The most courageous act is to still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

— Coco Chanel

Today is the 1st quarter moon phase. This represents a crisis point, a call to take action on the seed dreams you planted at the time of the Aries New Moon.

There is a square aspect occurring between the moon in Cancer and the Sun in Aries. The moon in Cancer wants to feel safe, secure, hydrated and fed while the Sun in Aries expresses itself through initiating bold forward movements through the impulses of the heart.
Something needs to change. For plants, this is the phase where seedlings send down their roots to anchor in. So with squares look to see which side you are doing more of and take action on the other side to keep things balanced. Have you taken action yet? Or have you been starting a little more slowly? Wherever you are at is ok, just make sure to use today wisely.

Use the magical moon in Cancer which rules the Ajna chakra aka Third Eye for increased intuitive powers and psychic aha moments of clarity. If you had dreams last or tonite take special note! Cancer also rules the home, menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Incubate creativity and take joy in your home today. Do some housewitchery with some candles and sage or mugwort smudging. Honor your moon cycle, do a yoni steam or garden. Wear special intimates/ bras/ panties today or buy yourself a pair if you need them. “Cancer is Ultra Femme”
If you know your chart look to where Cancer falls and you will see what area of life to nurture and/or if you know your moon sign you can feed your moon.
Ex. Gemini moon wants to be fed information and conversation, a Scorpio moon wants to be fed depth intimacy and mystery, etc.
For me, I’ve been thrusting so to take it easier today and eat really well, do self care, call my mama/ family and resting is more appropriate than going full throttle. My moon is in Taurus so I’ll be doing the sensual pleasures.
Note: Take action to be more yin as opposed to just being passive. There is a difference😉
The moon in Cancer says “Take care” as in receive love and emotional intimacy💜
Where are you at?

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