Happy full moon in Aquarius my LovaLovas!!

I invite you tonite to have a look up at our lovely luna and beyond your limited scope of things, of your condition. I’ll be doing this too with you, lol 😉 It can be easy to get caught up in our own perspective of things isn’t it? Because Aquarius is a fixed Air sign, this means that we are being asked to upgrade how we think ourselves to be, how we think or idealize the world or situation to be.

It can also mean that we have broken through on some mental patterns and limitations that have kept us entrenched or in a rut of control and fear. Good for YOU!!! Make sure to acknowledge yourself even if it is only for the little breakthroughs. It is these small steps and realizations that keep us moving forward toward our hopes, dreams, and wishes.

Aquarius is symbolized by the spiral which is found everywhere in nature, in the stars, the galaxies, our communities.

Artist Yoshitako Amano

A little bit of Tarot

The Star
As we approach this Full Moon in Aqua on Thursday, I wanted to share this beautiful card, number 17 of the Tarot; the Star.
It corresponds to Aquarius.

We are the vessels of divinity.
What are you giving birth to?
The star is a card of hope and healing.
It reminds us to remember who we are and from that most authentic knowing will we be able to orientate ourselves towards our future. Be unique, be who you are.
It takes discipline to separate ourselves from the crowd so that we can be the artists that both observe and participate without losing ourselves or totally isolating in the process.

This full moon asks us:

Are you fulfilled with how you wish to contribute to your tribe, your friends, your community?

Likewise do you feel you are honored and recognized for your talents and gifts and service to them?

 This photo is shot from my view on top of a waterfall in Cuba. It reminds me of how we started at the height of the NEW MOON in LEO 2 weeks ago.

We are the Kings & Queens of our empires. And although we need to have time up on the top of the chakra tree (AJNA Chakra) in order to SEE & MANIFEST, we must also come down and spend time at the bottom (root chakra) and engage with our roots and communities.  This is what happens in birth. After all Leo is nothing if not CREATIVE. A soul comes from divine source and through our bodies at our root. Please see this as both metaphorical and literal in whatever you are choosing to birth, a child, a new project, a way of being, a relationship. What goes up must come down.

The Nitty Gritty

Full moons bring to light that which has been hidden. So whatever you were initiating or dreaming of two weeks ago, at the time of the New Moon in Leo has gotten some time now to grow. Because full moons are also about balance and relationships as the sun is in opposition to the moon, things can feel like a see-saw or a scale, an if this, then that scenario. Instead of an integration. Herein lies the challenge.

If there is anything out of alignment you now have the opportunity to “see” it and feel it. The classical ruler of this lunation is Saturn which is currently in Sagitarrius. This can be a very cut and dry placement for the teacher archetype within us. And as Aquarius is the water bearer, it might do some good to ask where do we need to bring more of the qualites of water….flexibility, coolness, go-with-the-flow, wisdom, compassion, feeling, resource, death…. into our life right now?

Are we being too reactive about certain things?

Are we isolating out of fear or do we really need to take some healthy space and distance to see more clearly and with intention as opposed to anger, control or escapism?

As Aquarius and Sagitarrius both deal with the mind, this is specifically where we are asked to stretch ourselves. Look to the house where 25 degrees of Aquarius falls as well as 9 degrees of Sagittarius for where this specifically may be manifesting for you personally. Saturn is about to be met by the action planet Mars next week. This is a completion of the Mars retrograde cycle that began February 17 of this year. Mars is a very reactive planet and this culmination is asking us to look at where and how we use our aggression, drive and will and for what purposes. Hopefully that has matured within all of us. I know, I still have my work to do so, I have also made a new committment towards engaging more powerfully with my divine will., as opposed to that of my EGO’s, lol.

Health & Healing Remedies

If you are feeling scattered, nervous, anxious, or lonely during this lunation try some Skullcap or Passionflower tea. I will be working on some Passionflower essence from my wanderings if you are interested. Skullcap is a great tonic for the nervous system and clears heat from the heart,  which means that our mind is taking over the role of our sovereign, the heart. Too much yang i.e. activity is happening in the body-mind and not enough yin-ie REST.
If you feel that you are in need of more courage for the changes you need to make then I would recommend Borage. Let me know if you are needing any of these and I would be happy to help source or supply them for you.


The NewNew

On another note, I will be releasing some new items in my shop in preparation for the Eclipse Season upon us in September. These are gonna be huge people. Eclipses are like mega wattage NEW & FULL MOONS and can literally catapult you forward in life if you are prepared or be a huge and uncomfortable tsunami of a wake-up call if not.

I know you are gonna love them and I am asking for your support and participation in naming one of the perfumes, the other item is still a secret!!!

In doing so you will be supplied with a free sample. Everyone that contributes will be entered in a drawing and the winner will receive a full size of the botanical perfume. Stay tuned lovalovas. I’ll be sending a follow up email re-this very soon.

L.A. – Thursday 02.27
NEW YORK – Thursday 05.27
LONDON – Thursday 10.27
DUBAI – Thursday 13.27
HONG KONG – Thursday 17.27
SYDNEY – Thursday 19.27

With a whole lotta love and stardust,


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