Mars officially stations retrograde this Sunday @ 8.14 EST. You can view the red planet in the morning and ask for guidance as to what secret mission would be best for you to undertake till August. I’ve had so many people calling me in distress this week. As not only is Mars turning retro but then Pluto, considered the “higher octave” of Mars going

retro the day after on Monday. And then to top it all off Mercury is in his shadow zone. I’ve posted the podcast so you can “re-listen” which is btw a very Mercury in Taurus kinda thing (deep listening) to help with any questions you might be having about your direction, energy levels, passion, etc. I have a link in my shop as well for a reading if you need more in depth, personal guidance.
Yes, Mercury retrograde is right around the corner as well. So if you’ve been experiencing strange lil syncs and mishaps regarding money, your stuff, technical difficulties then yes this is YOUR preview to the Mercury retro that is official April 28. I’ve been noticing little things like a need to really pay attention to all my ingoings and outgoings, bills, etc. This is because Mercury is going retro in Taurus, which rules our money, finances, resources. It is also a very body conscious sign so things having to do with your body could come up as well as relationships, love, sensuality, sexuality and values.
Don’t freak out. This is all an opportunity for us to have another take on what it is we truly value. What are our underlying motivations in any endeavor we initiate ? Look not for judgement but to more deeply align with your truth. Also how do our belief systems inform and inspire us to carry out the mission? Or are our “crusading” beliefs and self righteousness actually keeping us trapped like a lost pilgrim wandering around in a foreign land not making any headway and becoming stuck in the muck holding onto grudges and past hurts. Lots to think about.
As per Mercury retro this is really great to get your basics in order, i.e. health=wealth, get grounded, sort out any holding patterns, poor habits and/or worn out thought patterns lurking in the psyche regarding $$, sensuality, body consciousness, beauty, your possessions or what you try to possess.
I am so freakin excited to update all my “Ritual Pleasures” , playlists, routines, beauty rituals, meal plans etc etc
***These astro happenings have a more significant effect on namely Men, Aries, Scorpios, Sagittarians, Geminis, Virgos, Taureans or those with prominent Mars, Pluto, Mercury in your charts or personal planets in the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus.


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