For those of you wanting a sneak peak into the ‪#‎fengshuiyourvagina‬ movement. Mystic Medusa has done a few posts re this and I thought I would share with you about my method and the history of the goddess Lilith who is entering Scorpio territory today!
Lilith is the original bitch goddess, self empowered femme fatale.The last time Lilith was here was back in 2007. She’ll be here for 9 months whoopin up all things Scorpio = Sex , Money , Power. Excellent for healing sexual traumas, dis-empowered relationships, control issues, manipulations, abuse, money issues, inequality in the workplace, unfulfilling sex life, and overall shadowy dark places of the psyche. She rules the dark moon phase that is fertile with potential. Think onyx soil just waiting to be used for self actualization and growth.This isn’t just for women btw either. Men will also be seeing their own complexes with the women in their life. Although men you can’t #fengshuiyourvagina, you can learn about where Lilith is in your own astrological chart. Message me if you have interest.
Use this powerful phase of the next 9 months to heal and empower our sacred space aka Yoni, vajayjay. For more info check out Mystic’s article Feng Shui Your Vagina or my Yoni Steams page.
I’ll be doing more videos and articles on this as this is just too good to not explore and share!

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