Sagittarius Full Moon Prep — To get you through this! Please bear with me as I’m writing to you now from my phone. As some of you know my sexy Apple laptop is undergoing facial surgery! Thank Hermes and Jupiter for the blessing of free technical service as per a Jupiter Mantra and mudra. I wrote about on Facebook. If you didn’t see but want to know more feel free to message me about this magick.

Moving on….. I know I know i know it feels super intense right now. Thank you Scorpio moon. We are working up towards a full moon illumination and harvest so remember that it is only going to build and peak over this weekend. MOVE YOUR BODY!! The full moon is in the sign of Saggitarius and this rules the sacral chakra so my advice: DANCE. Just check out this sexy centaur pic. Do whatever moves you. Be physical but with feeling and emotion. Run that energy whether you are feeling super zany or if you are feeling blocked and stagnant the goal is to move the blockage. Then…. After you’ve done this think back on what your intentions were at the new moon. What were you dreams? See if between now and then ( full moon) Saturday you can do whatever you can to feel fulfilled. If you know your chart and what house 1 degree Saggo falls in, then that is where the spotlight will be shining. Saggitarius wants to be FREE and express a higher truth and meaning. Full moons are about relationships, harvesting, sharing and releasing. Any thoughts? Or advice of your findings? Hopefully I’ll have my laptop back to write more properly on what this full moon is all about but this should help for NOW! So much love to all of you. Stephanie💋

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