I think Saggitarians have the most chutzpah of any astrological sign. Where you have Saggo in your chart is where you are in party mode, drunk on life, a bit rowdy, boisterous, wild and care free like a beach breeze. I’ll be doing a lucky draw for a Saggo Perfume “Pony Ride” in light of the full moon in Saggo this weekend. To be entered you must comment about yourself as a Saggo or your Saggitarian traits… Moon sign, Asc, Etc OR someone else you know. The funniest or most truth inspiring entry will win. My botanical perfumes are all handmade by me with the highest quality essential oils, flower absolutes, and organic undenatured perfumer’s alcohol. To see some examples of my perfumes you can visit the shop page on my site. If you know of a Saggitarian that would like to enter their own zany deets feel free to share this post

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