Flamboyant Flower Essence Experiment

Royal Poinciana from my garden

Royal Poinciana from my garden

Royal Poinciana Flamboyant Tree

“Fresh as dew, our Perperia, goddess of the plants and herbs, washes all the land with rain:
Vines burst out in heavy blossom, tree boughs groan with blushing fruit; fields grow lush with ripening grain.”

— Macedonian folksong

Ok so I am so excited!!! i just finished harvesting the royal poinciana flowers aka Flamboyant. I’ve been working a lot with flower essences on both myself and with patients. If you’ve never heard of them and/or taken them, they are quite fascinating and incredible for resolving emotional patterns of imbalance many of which manifest as dis-ease in the body. Maybe you’ve heard of Bach Flower or Rescue Remedy. I mean it’s huge. Even celebrities tout of their effectiveness.


Rebecca Romijn
“Rescue Remedy, a stress relief solution. I put a couple of drops under my tongue when I’m upset, like the other night when my babies cried for four hours straight. It takes the edge off.”
Miranda Kerr
Rescue Remedy! While shuffling through her bag on a recent Madison shoot she pulls out a selection of ‘miracle bottles’ to help ease tiredness and stress.
Naomi Watts
Says she has to use Rescue to “calm” her down before any interview.
Jodie Kidd
This supermodel has been known to keep some Rescue with her wherever she goes.


I need your help

Ok, and yes i want your help with something. There isn’t much information or research at all on the flower essence of royal poinciana. These trees have totally inspired me and I’m dying to try them out.


Phoenix Energy Tonic

There are three huge trees in my garden and they were totally bare for months!!! Sooo bare that i really thought they were dead and then, BAM outta nowhere they burst into flames overnight. From this observation I immediately think of Phoenix type energy.

Change, death, rebirth, and the ability to go from gutter to penthouse in like 60 seconds flat kinda energy. Strength for challenges, graceful transformations and making tough choices that will require huge commitment kinda thing. Perfect for this Mars retro cycle.


From wiki – cultural significance

“In the Indian state of Kerala, Royal Poinciana is called Kaalvarippoo which means the flower of Calvary. There is a popular belief among Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala that when Jesus was crucified, there was a small Royal Poinciana tree nearby his Cross. It is believed that the blood of Jesus Christ was shed over the flowers of the tree and this is how the flowers of Royal Poinciana got a sharp red color.[7]”

Scorpio and Mars significations especially because of the color. The individual flowers have 5 petals with one of them having a big splash of white. 5 is the number associated with man and change. And white typically goes to the lungs in Chinese medicine so, I’m thinking inspiration, expiration which is also death rebirth. So a confirmation there. But my bottom-line is I want to experiment by taking some of this for myself first thing in the morning and journaling a bit about how I feel after taking and mark my observations for about 4-6 weeks. I’m curious if anyone else would like to try with me!!!

Flower essences are very safe and have absolutely no contraindications. Pregnant women can even take them and they are great for animals and children. They do not interact with any medications as well. If you want to read up on them check out this link.

Message me if you want to be a part of this experiment and I will get some to you if you could help me with the cost for shipping, materials and bottle is about $7. I’ll have enough with this batch for 10 participants. If there is a big enough interest I can make another batch. Or if you have this tree at home I can help you with the process of making yourself!

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