i wrote this back in 2012. it’s so useful to look back and see how far we’ve come, how much we’ve changed, witnessing the journey our soul has been on….and where we have yet to go.

i don’t want your money
i wanna make my own and then combine
i don’t want help with the kids for more “alone time”
becuz I’ll just cry
i want You to be with me
soul merged with mine
i’ve learned money can’t buy you love thank you john & paul
in the end the love you make is the love you take
i recall!!!!!
I used to think and sometimes still do
that i don’t deserve you
and that i don’t deserve love at all
This is a fall —-acy (i see)
I know this now for sure although my mind sometimes plays tricks on me
yeah yeah i seee
but i forget so forgive me please

i learned that lie very young
and so it has hung
shackling my neck
so set me free
don’t you see
it’s just a fallacy
i’m meant to be loved, honored, and adored
the birthright of a whore
though somehow through a set of fate
caused me to twist and pout every which way
when all i’ve wanted was for you to come and play with me for free

how did i attract that ugly mess?
cuz in my head and heart it only makes sense
that love should be priceless
it was my desire to have that which i desperately needed
i was willing to pay and never heeded a word or advice
just name your price
i thought if i bought it
then it was mine to own
instead it owned me
desire is a tricky thing indeed
so now i plead
don’t buy me love or offer it to me
wrapped up in jewelry
this feels just like a disguise
and although it may make me smile
it truly is denial
that ill stick around
as if jailbound
with a false sense of security
only love will set me free


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