The Voice of Love: Gemini New Moon


Well, Hello there Lova-Lova,

So yeah it’s that time again. It’s a brand spanking new moon in Gemini, the sign of the twins, the lovers. This lunation falls @ 14 degrees of GEMINI, whose lunar mansion is that of two images face to face. How delightful; especially if it’s yours to mine, wink, wink.
Auspicious for building relationships, whether romantic or friends finding harmony between many different opinions and ideas, power flirting, dancing and generally connecting with your community.



Speaking of dancing. Have you checked out this month’s HOOKED ON NEPTUNE playlist yet?


My advice, play now and have as background music while you read this. I’m telling you the combo will really get you in-tune for this month. As all the songs are curated just for you to move and groove to. Try something different;) You never know where the unexpected will lead you. This is the genius of all those mercurial beings. They have the gift of synchronicity, being in just the right place at the right time. This is what it means to be in your heart. To have humor. You can have this too.

When we follow our hunches of intuition and take the roads less travelled we end up in magical places. We end up in the in-between places-the crossroads-the place between the worlds-the junction of reality and perception.This is wonderland.This is where we can gather that much needed piece of info that makes all the difference between mundane to-dos and the glamour of surprise.



In the world of astro-medicine Gemini correlates to the lungs,  throat, thyroid, shoulders, arms, and hands. Just visualize. The hands are extensions from the center of our chest, our heart. This is how we make connection, after all it’s from our hearts that we speak truth. This is what Gemini is all about. Finding the little bits of information that bridges the gaps between things. like A-B-C, 1-2-3. Its light, bright, and oh so tomorrow night @

NEW MOON @14 GEMINI June 4/5 2016
L.A. – Saturday 20.00
NEW YORK – Saturday 23.00
LONDON – Sunday 04.00
DUBAI – Sunday 07.00
HONG KONG – Sunday 11.00
SYDNEY – Sunday 13.00

Gemini is also ruled by the throat chakra aka the Rainbow Bridge which connects our heart to that of divine inspiration and our sovereignty.

It is here that we can play the game of filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle of our understanding of what separates us from others or from our truth- our separateness or aloneness to remember our wholeness.

Thyroid levels not right?

Sing, Tone, Chant.

These vibrations will harmonize the energies in the throat, increasing the circulation to clarify and tone the glands and assist in revitalization of the thyroid.

Use this Mercury Mantra:

Ohm- hreem -Budaye-Namaha

This is a recording of Brighdani & I. You’ll see the Mercury Mantra just below the imageof the moon.
When we are children we are filled with wonder of the world around us. We see things how they really are, in their purity because we are looking into the mirror. This kinda changes as we grow and we experience the twists and turns of the rabbit hole sometimes losing our way. But that is part of the fun isn’t it?

Think back to grade school. This is the essence. Just a bunch of kids wanting to have fun.

“It’s all make believe after all.”
-Marilyn Monroe Gemini Sun

When we see with the eyes of a child every moment is new.

As we are still in the darkness now prior to the new moon and even this first week of June see if you can

  • Emotionally shift your ability to connect to others by listening to their intention behind their words.
  • What do you find most un-harmonious in your relationships?
  • How can you work better with others?

Gemini is also the sign of merchant or salesman. SO this is a great opportunity to expand your connections and take what you’ve got to the market. Get out and socialize. Make new friends or deepen the relationships with your already existing tribe. Play word games, charades, acrobatics, and dance. Gemini is the sign of the juggler after all. Maybe focus on learning a new language. Maybe it’s the language of the stars, or a new perspective. This has always been a great love of mine. After I graduated from the Chinese medicine school, I was already looking for a new pair of glasses to view the world. That is how I got more into astrology. I was craving for multiple viewpoints to see the world through. When we speak many languages it makes it easier to relate to others and them to us. We can share something in common and create collaboratively.

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

The constellation associated with this New Moon is ORION.
Think LEAPING BUNNIES/HARES. You see him there under the might hunter.


Orion loves the whole drama and courtship of sex.
The downfall of such lusty libido is not properly channeling the libido which can lead to burnout or irritability—it’s all about the chase.

What would thrill you to chase this month?

We are still in springtime after all.

If you’re not in hot pursuit of someone you could employ some mental gymnastics on science, tech, or engineering as a great outlet and up your A-GAME. Or perhaps look to where Gemini falls in your chart….What are you in hot pursuit of in this area of life?

You’ve got the goods babe. Go for it!!!

OK the how to: Seduction and charm this season.

Up your vocab and lingo. It’s all about the mind for Gemini. But you could always work your hand mojo too, or both. Massage the hands, use really nice bracelets that sparkle and perfume on the wrists to attract the object of your affections. Shoulder rubs earn big points too.

Fashion & Muse

Marilyn Monroe
But also the Olsen TWINS.
Kristen Stewart (Gemini Rising) note the innocence and black & white theme” id=”yui_3_17_2_1_1517906403298_175″>

and of course
Frida Kahlo (Venus in Gemini)
see her wadrobe that was locked away for 50 years here

Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle
Bracelets, Glitter, Rhinestones
Bright Colors
Especially Yellows
Plaids-School-Girl-Style and Skirts
Elementary School Colors Red, Blue, Yellow combos
Young and Innocent
Black & White (like yin yang symbol)
Opposites, Checker Patterns and Stripes
Super FLY Sneakers

Bring it Back, Bring it Back, Bring it back now.

This new moon is sitting right next to Venus and she is technically called combust the sun. Meaning she is invisible. She halfway through her cycle that began September 5, 2015. So she is in full phase, like a full moon. The spotlight is on y’all! When the sun is rising in the morning she is there too rising with the sun. We just can’t see her because the sun is so bright and burning and purifying our love to get beyond the ego, the desire nature, the sensual appetite and asking what is the highest ideal?


The Juice

This new moon is sitting right next to Venus and she is technically combust the sun. Meaning she is invisible. She is halfway through her cycle that began September 5, 2015. So she is in full phase, like a full moon. Think back to what started in late September and muse upon where you have traversed in your art, aesthetics, pleasure game, love life.  Are you fulfilled? Is there something that needs to be rebalanced?
The spotlight is on y’all! When the sun is rising in the morning Venus is there too, rising with the sun. We just can’t see her because the sun is so bright and what it is doing is burning and purifying our love to get beyond the ego, the desire nature, the sensual appetite and asking what is the highest ideal for our love?



Light a candle to Venus. Use some rose petals or rose oil and adorn yourself with the fragrance or caress the petals over your chest. Go into your heart and see your love goddess, your inner anima. Your goddess is on the stage now. What would she say in all her glory? What would she proclaim as her birthright of love. What would that look and feel like?

You could also try some cacao. I make some awesome elixirs. Just click the link to take a peak.

To invoke harmonious relating into your life, Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is a delectable, heart-opening, compassion- building, and deeply connecting plant. The benefits are immense, containing hundreds of vitamins, minerals, compounds, and pharmacologically active components. One of those components is phenylethylamine, or PEA, which induces feelings of attraction, euphoria, and falling in love. When taken mindfully and in a sacred context, grows and maintains our level of PEA. Higher PEA levels means that we are feeling good in our bodies and minds, paying close attention to the world around us, especially those we are attracted to on an emotional, intellectual, and physical level.
Because we’ve got more astro happenings during this month namely Saturn (time lord) & Neptune (visionary dreamer) challenging each other exact on June 17 the same day our goddess Venus swims into Cancer:

Here’s another layer to integrate.

Where are you building walls? We need walls….btw for protection. Limits are an expression of love.

Saturn energy wants to contains and is concerned with security and safety like a father protects his children.

If you know your chart look to the house that Sagittarius falls. This is where Saturn is wanting you to know WHAT TIME IT IS?

He wants a game plan of structured growth.

Neptune is in Pisces so look to the house where you have Pisces.

This is where you are dissolving boundaries. Dreaming the Big dream.

When you combine the two you get:

Dreams to Reality

but remember,


New moons always culminate with full moons. This months full moon is on the 20th just before the Summer Solstice @ 29 Sagitarrius the very end of the sign. As we explore our way through the month in search of truth and understanding one another ourselves in relationship we remember

Great freedom is found in respecting one’s own limitations. What is our bottomline and can we master that?
Let’s see what am I missing here……..? Ooooh I know but I’ll save that for next time. Cheers.

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