Don’t you ever forget your strength woman. You look at the world around and see war, wondering what could I possibly do to help? Remember you can do your part by continuing to do what you do everyday with yourself, with your loved ones and your family. Peace begins at home and it begins first in your own home (your body and mind.) For all that we see outside of ourselves is a reflection of within. Now you may not like to hear me say this and with the utmost respect, if this is you, then you really do need to hear this. You want to change to world? Then change you. In life we have to risk not being liked in order to teach respect. This is about protecting ourselves and our loved ones. It takes courage to stand alone and put a border up, to make a mark in the sand.
Our thoughts become our words and our words become our reality. Believe in your power as woman to transform like water the hardest of rocks, the hearts so hardened with hate that they continue the cycle to hate others. Hurt people hurt people.

Believe in the power of your voice and your words to create a reality of your choosing. Don’t play the victim and surely don’t allow others it either.
Stand up woman and be proud of your role in this world. Every mouth you feed, and every tear you dry, and every time you say no so that you can better take care of yourself first counts. Every healing moment you spend on yourself is literally shaping not only your future, but the future of your family, and your children, and your role in it.
We have the power to purify hate from this planet. We have the power to heal those that are in pain just by healing the pain in our own hearts first. Believe me. Believe in you. Believe in your magic woman. Believe in your love. Believe in your wise choices. Every choice we make echoes. Choose love. Love is strong. Love is fierce. Love is everything.

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