Venus our love goddess swims into Cancer tomorrow. Our love nature, style, aesthetics, art and relationships benefit from a more nurturing embrace. Family becomes our safe haven from life storms. Food becomes medicine yet again and always.
Cancer is a water sign, so expect new depths of forgiveness, refreshment, healing and empathy to wash over you. Our intuitive and imaginative nature will sparkle, giving sway to greater flow and connection to our emotions and their navigational genius for our life. Take a moment to honor your own mother instincts (whether you have actual children or not) we all have them and spend a tender moment with the Venus in you.

L.A. – Friday 12.39
NEW YORK – Friday 15.39
LONDON – Friday 20.39
DUBAI – Friday 23.39
HONG KONG – Saturday 03.39
SYDNEY – Saturday 05.39

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