Just a thought on the vast differences we all have when it comes to learning styles and education needs. My daughter Simone has been potty trained before she was 2. She initiated this herself. I just nurtured her process. That being said, she does not speak with words very much. She says the basics like eating, peeing and pooping, and mama, papa. In comparison to her older brother and sister who had a much larger vocabulary by this age I find this SO fascinating.
She communicates her needs very well just not in the same way her siblings did.
When it comes to our education system and all the mass attention being placed on Autism and ADD etc I thought I would share this. What are our children showing us they need ??? In terms of education for a rapidly evolving world….Heart level and Love, maybe not so much a head space of numbers and letters.
Some people might find it easy to freak out about this slow development in speech. Me being the Astro buff, her chart shows a Mercury retro in Cancer. So I already know her thought and communication style is different, internal, objective and of a feeling, heart level, intuitive nature. Not one of much words. Her name Simone Amie even translates “Listen my friend.” She does a lot more listening than speaking. I’m watching and learning so much from my 2yr old😂😂😂
Today I will listen more. I will speak to and from my heart and not just my head. Thank you for allowing me to share this with all of you.

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