Full Moon in Capricorn: Unconditional LOVE โ€” Hey there beauty:)
There’s a full moon brewing out and boy is she a treasure. I just stood in awe of her last nite and stared…. For awhile. You know, the way a proud mama does of her child, or someone you’re crushing on or falling deeply in love with.
You know that look. The way you take in all the precious details of their face, their body. All of it. Even the strange and unusual parts are beautiful to you because you love all of them.
Can I ask you a question?
How comfortable are you with being tenderly nurtured and cared for in all of your naked, vulnerable places, like a mother does for her child?
Capricorn moons can bring up feelings of guilt, emotional neediness and feelings of being unwanted, unloved or being abandoned.
This can result in overly controlling relationships or being too attached and clingy with our children and intimates. Even love relationships that feel more like parent child relationships.
This kind of bond does not allow for them their personal space for growth, individuality and self sufficiency. Integrity.
The traditional image associated with this degree of the full moon in Capricorn is well, you guessed it, a woman holding her newborn in her arms.
Full moons bring to light what has been hidden at the time of the new moon which was in Cancer.
For us, we ask if we can celebrate :
1. The relationship we have with our own inner child. Do we make time to play?
2. What truly nourishes me where I need it the most?
3. Do I make SPACE for the strange and unusual eccentricities I need in my life?
4. Do I make space for experimentation and detachment?
Go out and score it if you must. You deserve it. Let me say that again. YOU, gorgeous YOU, deserves it!๐Ÿ’‹
If this is an area of some sensitivity for you then you’ve got an opportunity for MORE REAL LOVE entering into your life.
Unconditional self love.
But you’ve gotta give it to yourself first before you can share that truly with someone else.
Can you take a moment to imagine what that looks and feels like for you right now? Bathe in that. Soak that baby right up.
Chicory is a great flower essence to remedy any of these feelings and restore right relationship with those we love entering into a truly unconditional love relationship with ourselves first and then those we care for the most!
Ok my LOVALOVAS, that’s all for now. I love you!
Xoxox, Stephanie

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