Ever wonder what is behind that stoic Capricorn front? Well, the esoteric symbol for our chic Capricorn is the Mergoat; half mountain goat, half mermaid…. This gives them more of a Pisces vibe, being the gateway into other worlds.

Although Capricorn is a practical earth sign, don’t let them fool you. They are way more mystical than they may let on or even know for themselves to be.

Their mermaid tail enables them to secretly swim the depths of depression and of the unconscious realm, longing for a time where magnificent and ancient civilizations reigned like Atlantis. They pull upon these pools of memory, which fuels their incredible drive and work ethic to manifest those glorious sensations here on earth in the physical; to bring heaven to earth.

They truly are the builders of this realm. They will climb the height of heights all to be a servant. As their soul lesson is to discipline their need for power, control and material wealth into something higher which transcends the ego truly becoming a servant of Mother Earth.

Here we see the yin yang polarity of Cancer and Capricorn as Cancer is the archetype of the great mother.

This humbling is their truest beauty as the root word “humor” means of the earth, to be brought back to earth after climbing the heights of heaven.

Many famous comedians are Capricorn natives usually having a dry sense of humor with an incredible matter of factness to it and maintain a serious gaze while you crack up.

“I can climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea…”


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