It’s a New Dawn, and a New Day and a New Life and New Moon in Radiant Leo! Yeah, and I’m feeling good.

L.A. – Tuesday 13.45
NEW YORK – Tuesday 16.45
LONDON – Tuesday 21.45

I feel like this day couldn’t come any sooner. Last nite, I had such a heartfelt talk with my kiddos. I am so very grateful for all the light they shed on me and even though I sometimes wonder if what i have to share with them really is of service, i remember that it’s not about knowing what to say or how to say it. It is about being fully PRESENT for them with an open listening heart.

The heart knows all. And when we are in that heart space, it isn’t work or pressure that gets the job done. It is patience. It is trust. It is love. This is the key to all our relationships.

The New Moon is a fierce friend. It falls at 10 degrees of Leo and trines Saturn in Sagittarius and squares Lilith in Scorpio. Think Madonna. Powerful, hard working, wise, and well…..a bitch when needed. Perfect for creating foundations of self love magic, art, and recognition that endures.


Keywords : Recovery, power, respect, authority, strength, nobility, assertiveness, courage, and boldness, manifestation, visibility

Auspicious for : Seeking promotion and recognition of work, confronting bullies, releasing those wrongfully incarcerated, increasing wealth and success in trade, and dismantling systems of wealth disparities

This is where the Goddess Lilith is super helpful. Don’t know about Lilith yet? Read more here.



Ok so the breakdown.

New Moons are always fresh slates. Just like when you go to a new school, or start a new job. Now imagine the scenery. Or the stage rather. This new moon is flamboyant, golden, and regal. It’s Haute.


fashionably elegant or high-class.

The sun is right at home in Leo. And the sun wants to shine. The sun represents our consciousness, our ego, and life force.

In the body this corresponds to our heart, spinal column, head hair or ahem…Mane. The hair on our head is akin to the rays of the sun extending from the nucleus. It represents our consciousness and divine wisdom. The Ajna (third eye) chakra corresponds to Leo and our ability command and manifest resides here.

The square to Saturn which also rules hair means this is a fab month for making “some cuts” and hair cutting specifically.

Mane Magic

The Chinese advised women before giving birth to cut their hair as this would allow more blood to be used for making breast milk instead of being used to nourish the hair roots.

This is very symbolic of this moon. The idea of making cuts and trimming back in order to be more vital and shine from a place of greater integrity and strength.

Having lush locks is all about having a full tank of blood (in Chinese Medicine terminology.)

In a nutshell this means
1.) You have to have plentiful energy and aren’t drained at the end of the day (you need something extra to work with to turn the fuel into blood.
2.) You have to sleep really well.
Ie You fall asleep easily, you stay asleep the whole night, and when you wake up you are refreshed.
3.)You have to have this surplus consistently over time.

The remedies:

I like to make a nice cocktail of liquid chlorophyll, nettles, and ginger. You can either take tinctures of these or make tea with the ginger and nettles and mix with the liquid chlorophyll. This is a 3 month commitment. Especially for women who lose blood every month, maintaining blood levels is so important. Blood is what keeps our skin smooth and supple, lubricates our joints, brings heat and vitality to the whole body.

Btw Blood in Chinese Medicine isn’t exactly the same way we think of it in Western medicine terms. It is considered LIQUID CONSCIOUSNESS, your ability to take up space in the world, be present in your heart, aware and magnetize. So for those of you thinking oh…my iron levels are fine….you can still be blood deficient even though you have enough iron….. moving on.

Something fun to do also with this New Moon is hair braiding. There is a whole branch of witchery and spell casting performed this way.  Behold Beyonce Below, Sun also in Leo.


“The style of one’s hair can be a tool during ritual work as well. Bound styles such as buns and especially braids are symbolic of controlled and focused power. The same idea would be true of disheveled, wild hair that expresses raw, independent power. During any ritual, spell or exercise focusing on release, freedom, celebration, or even mourning might involve the act of disheveling the hair or wearing it this way. Braiding the hair can be used during rituals involving gaining control, intensifying any spellwork (through focus at a particular goal) or any organizational goals.”

From -Under a Bluegrass Moon



Ok the whole month of August has lots of heat astrologically speaking. We’ve got the sun, venus, mars, uranus, and saturn all in fire signs. It’s mega wattage. Great for mating, dating romance, and creativity. This definitely shifts mid-month when Venus werks her way into efficient Virgo August 13th and Squares Saturn.

This can be a day where you become acutely aware of
WHAT TIME IT IS– in all things concerning Venusian output:
Love, Art, Sex, Creativity, Money, Values,
You may also notice the faults or short comings or quite literally feel way impatient.

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Saturn is a drying influence and with all that fire can cause cracking, separateness, irritability, isolation. Things become rigid and very “cut and dry.”  Now, this can be good in the sense sometimes we need to create space and distance in order to gain healthy perspective in relationships. Just make sure you know the difference between just being REACTIVE and FLARING UP as opposed to knowing when you honestly need space. Since Saggo is a pretty cerebral sign this means the fluidity needs to be in the mind and yes the loins. So movement, fresh air etc…hip moving to get the juices flowing.

Now for some of you having all the heat and dryness may sound great. That is if you run on the cool wet side. But, if you are already a hot blooded thang……well, I would get to cultivating some Yin and cooling for damage control, lol.

Did you know that your astro chart can show you what your balance of elements are? For Example: How much water versus fire you have or earth versus air, etc…These elements show us not only our physicality but also our emotional and mental constitutions. If you’re interested would you message me please? I don’t want to take the time to create the recording if it’s not really wanted. I know I find it valuable in my work with patients and also with friends. But i’m an astro nerd!

Back to the HEAT

If you find you are in need of cooling then give yourself the experiences that provide that.

Take a bath
Listen to sounds of the oceans or trickling brooks or roaring waterfalls.
Listen to Invocation to Selene-Goddess of the Moon.
Foods that are cooling are all the melons, spinach, bananas, mung beans, peppermint, dandelion, chrysanthemum flower

You can also use essential oils like Rose which clears liver heat and is great for all issues surrounding love and relationships

Lavender is nature’s EO panacea and is soothing

My advice:
When Venus moves into Virgo on the 13th she will be devoted to serving her heart. Asking what is healthy? What is pure? What details need to be fine tuned in order to feed myself the very best so that I can serve instead of suffer. She comes down from her throne and back to earth GRACEFULLY.



Leo is the Queen of her Kingdom. She is the Lioness that prowls through her savannah and basks herself in the warmth of the sun.

You seduce when you are Hot, Brazen, Passionate, Theatrical, Showy

You are willing to take risks in showing affection, your style, your lovemaking, to BEING SEEN.

Leo does GOLD, sunny warm yellows, animal prints, tribal african patterns, and metallics.

Leo is all about signature style which is unique and adored but never able to be replicated.

You rigorously cultivate play time with lovers and friends. Yes the NEW MOON playlist is ready for your jamming.

Allow yourself to bask in the glow of adoration and compliments while also sharing your interest and heart with your tribe of fandom.




Sekmet, the Egyptian goddess was envisioned wearing a solar disk headdress and would spit fire.

“Accomplished in magic and sorcery, Sekmet used her power constructively in healing. Tame lions were kept in temples dedicated to Sekmet at Leontopolis. She is like the alchemical Red Lion representing the height of creative power, and she holds the magic of alchemical fire, which burns aways impurities. Sekmet is also a powerful protector, like a lioness defending her cubs. ”

From Goddesses for Everyday Julie Loar


Honestly August is really about preparing for SEPTEMBER, reaping season. What has felt like long, almost never-ending processes coming to a close.
September is a huge month where a lot of storylines start to wrap up. Use the powerfully creative and manifesting energies of August to set yourself up for how you want to be ending one phase of life and then beginning a new phase.

We’ve got the eclipses coming which always catapult us forward sometimes with whiplash, and Mars retrograde finally resuming full forward speed. More on that mid month for the full moon.


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