Aries Zodiac Styling

Key words: I DARE

Aries Lovers

Reds, bold colors, hats, mohawks, spiked hair. Anything that shows strength and raw physicality is stunning when the moon is in Aries or if you are an Aries SUN, MOON, RISING, VENUS. This also applies if you have Mars prominent on an angle of chart, or closely conjunct another planet.


The fires starters of the Zodiac, Aries arouses.
Dress to impress, move, and instigate


Aries rules the head so accentuate your eyebrows, wear hair bling and headpieces, work your hair mojo, face and eyes and lips.

Just take a look here @ Victoria Beckam Aries Sun



High ponytails, updos, exciting hair, spikes, crewcuts, mowhawk. Hair that shows strength. SHAVED



Spices such as fresh ginger, cloves, cardamom, black or pink peppercorn. Rose is a great balance to all that heat and brings out the qualities of the spices allowing them to really sing. Check out Aries a botanical perfume especially designed for the warrior queen here.


Sporty clothes. In your face, rage fashion, fighter gear, luxe fitness apparel, athleisure, sport bags, puma, Rihanna brand, NATIVE AMERICAN, mcocassins, LEATHER, see-thru, COMMANDO style, military fatigues, wife-beaters with baggy pants, think AALIYAH, tomboy.


Red of course, but also styles that are uber provocative, see-through, open nipples, openings in the panties, Black, agent provacateur, black and blues are turn-ons things you can get down and dirty in.


Earrings, SPIKES, RED Rubies, Amber


All kinds, from beautiful to extreme, depending on context. Red Lips play with eyebrows colors like burnt sienna, red, eggplant, rust along with eyeshadows


Tattoos and Piercings

Tongue rings, noserings, multiple earrings on each ear. Extreme tattoos, many tattoos, facial tattoos, noticeable work. Tribal arm work, with red saffron tints.

Get it on homies and have a listen to this specially curated playlist for work-out, rile up, dress up or down….


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