Happy New Moon LovaLovas.

The New Moon today falls @ 7 degrees of Capricorn in the 22nd lunar mansion known as

“The Fortune of the Sacrificer”

New Moons are auspicious times to plant new seeds of that which we want to cultivate in our lives. When we attune to the energies that are naturally available to us we are in the FLOW.

So what is Capricorn offering to us?

Capricorn is an earth sign whose chief concern is security. Our
careers, our gift to society at large and our legacies take priority NOW.

Today and the next few days are awesome for WRITING OUT our 1, 5, and 10 year plans; what we desire to BUILD or our business plans especially.

Because we are still in the middle of a Mercury retrograde think of it more as a tweaking process that probably won’t be finalized until early February when Mercury is out of shadow. This New Moon is especially Mercury powered as well as Uranus.

Change really is in the Earth.

We know our world is changing. If we truly desire for the health of our mother planet and the world and people around us, our first step is to sacrifice EGO in order to change what we need to within us first. 

Taken from the Magical Astrology Text the Picatrix
Keywords :
Freedom from limitation, lifestyle change, healing,

messages, liberation, divination.


Auspicious for :
Ending a long illness and full recovery.

Changing direction in life such as quitting a job, going to

school, drastically changing your appearance or claiming a new

identity. Traditionally, a good time for the escape of captives

and goodwill between allies.

Herbal Allies:

Ginger is a spicy rhizome which warms and circulates the blood.
Where there is cold, rheumatic type blockages or feeling in your body or life–EMBRACE GINGER.

Helps to fuel your reserves of resources, light a fire in your BOLD courage for times of uncertainty and change.

Drink as a tea, use as an essential oil or as a flower essence.

Agrimony is a plant flower essence that helps when we become stuck in the facade of our needing to live up to social conventions.
We aren’t really being honest with our true feelings or desires or downright suppress them out of guilt.

Status anxiety naturally will build up as we haven’t been true to our hearts. Agrimony helps us to uncover and release those hidden emotions we keep pushed down deep inside of us thus empowering us to express how we truly feel and then make the changes that need to be made on the inside and outside.


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