Yes! It’s that time again lady and gents. It’s a New Moon in Sagitarrius, just in time to start out the last month of this year. December is rich with astrological color let’s say especially around Christmas time. Im gonna give you some key dates and key phrases to help you plan out and get a good feel for the lay of the land you’ll be exploring this month.


Mercury enters his shadow zone on December 1st.

December 7 VENUS moves into Aquarius-

This is a great day to tune into where your heart is at. What’s going on with your creativity, style, love and relationships, family life? Venus in Aqua is very social, friendly and wants to be apart of a tribe. So if this has been something on your heart set some time aside on this date, and plan a party or find one to attend. Venus in Aqua is also passionate about a cause. Perhaps there’s a movement or issue that you would like to support or bring your creative attention to. Aquarian energy is rebellious and wants to feel connected by honoring each others’ uniqueness and whacko weirdo ways. Spend the day with friends. It’s got a very 3 of cups from the Tarot feel to it.

December 9 SUN Conjunct Saturn in Sagitarrius

This is basically a Cosmic REport Card. The sun brings light and clarity on the situation on whats been happening since Saturn got into Sagitarrius a year ago. Wherever Saturn is where there is work to be done. Saturn wants results, he wants committment and concretization.

DECEMBER 19th – Mercury officially stations RETROGRADE-

You know the drill. This is a MENTAL SAVASANA. If you know where Capricorn falls in your chart, this is the house where Mercury is doing all the REs-





December 19-25

This is the massive Jupiter opposite Uranus and TRINE Saturn DEAL.

So this is theme that began in 2010 when Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct-kinda like a NEW MOON phase for these two planets dance together. Jupiter = Growth & Uranus = Awakening

If you think back to 2010, this is when the whole Rebel Culture/Trend became popular. We starting seeing rebel this and rebel that popping all over the place. So now is like the Full Moon phase of that. How are you feeling about your own sense of Wild REbellion? Where in your life have you become more AWAKE? What changes have taken place when it comes to your individuality and growth? Do you feel fulfilled in these areas?

Look to where Aries and Libra fall in your natal chart. These are the signs of relationships. Where do you fall within that spectrum. Are you partnered? How much freedom to you feel you have? How independent are you? Are you still seeking peace of are you wanting to see more change?

Because this alignment also TRINES Saturn, expect there to be some sort of agreement or contract that allows and ensures for structured freedom, growth and learning to be apart of the new terrain moving forward.

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