The irony of life
The day I choose to wear a mustache is the very same day my period comes. You can’t make this shit up people. I remember the day when I got my very first period. I hated life. It was so strange to me why “God” had chosen me to be a girl. I mean, at that point, I felt way more comfortable with all the masculine aspects of life. I was an incredible athlete, boxed and wrestled with the boys, flipped with the girls and challenged anyone that would step up to the plate. Even now, although I love and adore my sex, my femininity, and beauty, do you know how long it had taken me to own it?

It did not come easily to me at first. I rejected it even. How sad? When we reject the gifts we are given because we don’t yet understand them. We don’t trust ourselves to wield our own powers. I recognize now, that these aspects are not what makes us who we are.

There are aspects of me that will forever be undefinable by gender, looks or values. These are the treasures of my infinite self, my heart and soul; untouched by the pressures of life. So when we ask God why things happen in life…it is because We CHOSE IT. Our souls prior to incarnation choose exactly what it is we need to experience in order to transcend our consciousness and return us to ourselves….our REAL SELVES.

Our precious lil’ egos may kick, scream, try to escape and even curse god but this doesn’t change anything. Remember, YOU CHOSE THIS. YOU chose this life, this body, this vessel, this experience. Embrace life. Embrace your love. The love you have for your life, to live freely. Be YOU. Not who society expects, or who your mama thinks you need to be or your father wants you to be, to make them proud. The truth lives within you waiting to be seen, to be expressed and exposed for its beauty and for its pain.

Wherever you are on your journey, I hope you find the joy to dance and to laugh. Laugh because it is pure. Dance because this is the essence of life. Laughter and dance are the truest expressions of the music that lives within each and every one of us.


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