Happy Full Moon LovaLovas.

The Full Moon today falls @ 22 degrees Cancer.The traditional image associated with this lunar mansion is:

 “A eunuch holding his hands over his eyes…”

Picatrix, Book Four, Chapter Nine.

This suggests not wanting to see that which is hidden.
Feeling impotent or infertile.
Avoiding the inevitable…..

This is not the most glamorous of positions for the moon is it?

It can be difficult just as long as we keep avoiding that which longs to be seen, to be known.

If this feels like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I recorded this podcast just for you. Check it out here!

Keywords : Challenging situations, defeat, struggle, avoidance,

frustration, providing aid and relief work, protection.

Auspicious for : Blessing the endeavors of relief and social

workers, healing the healers, self-protection.

The sign of Cancer has everything to do with the unborn child. Whether it is an unborn child of your body, a creative project, a business, a way of being, or even a way of SEEING YOURSELF.
Take a moment now to reflect where you are at in the journey to birthing something. Are you like the baby in this picture? Still on the ground yet dreaming and looking up with aspiration to be where her older siblings are at….freer, higher, more skilled and expressive.

Or perhaps you are just at the base of the tree, still unsure, yet committed to your journey and enjoying the simple communion of relating to your space.

Or are you up on the tree?!; Still getting your footing but ready to stand up tall and high. Finding a new way to be with nature, with family, with life.
When the challenges of life mount up it is time to call in support. See how strong this tree is? It is able to hold these children with ease.

What is the quality of your support systems?

Call upon them now. These can be in the form of family, friends, nutrition, our ancestor spirits, our roots, our feelings.

Tulsi or Holy Basil – Dragon Medicine

The name Basil comes from Basilik- meaning dragon. It gives your the fire and determination to pursue

So if you have any self-defeating habits….(habits belong to the moon, the sign of Cancer) Tulsi will turn up to heat to purify any negative thought forms contributing to disempowerment in the body mind continuum. Because basil contains essential oils which are THE IMMUNE SYSTEM of the plant, it offers you this extra boost of the very same protection.

Great for digestion, low immunity, or a state of lethargy.
Breathe fire like a dragon to protect yourself from the challenges of life.

Lastly, if you got this far down, have a listen to the podcast for extra support.

Or better yet, join my more in-depth work on the SUPERNOVA ROULETTE.
THIS is for you badass light workers, budding stargazers, soulful sirens, high vibing witches, and next level devotees of the divine feminine Goddess MOVEMENT that WANT deeper insights and training with ME and my TEAM. 

Message me if you have questions. And if you found this touched your heart,  share this with someone today!
You are the change maker.

Ok my loves, have a gorgeous weekend.
Stay tuned, stay rad! xoxoxo,

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