Yes, you read that right. Venus our love goddess will station retrograde on March 4th in ARIES. From our view here on earth she appears to be going “backwards” in her orbit around the sun for the next 40 days. She disappears from the evening sky as well. If you look up at the western sky at night you’ll notice that bright star isn’t there anymore. This is why we call her retrograde cycle a journey to the underworld…..she is now hidden from our view because she is now below the horizon. Because Venus is the archetype of love, relationships, values, beauty, pleasure, sex, sensuality, art, fertility and creativity this is a portal into our own underworld when it comes to these themes. We are uncovering how we truly feel in our heart and what we truly value.

Venus in the sign of Aries Commands “I am willing to fight for LOVE.”

Life is always changing, we are always changing, so it only makes sense that from time to time we need a pause, a journey, an adventure in order to clarify what we truly LOVE and are committed to.


Venus goes retrograde every 18 months and she goes retrograde in the same sign every 8 years. This retrograde is in the sign of Aries and belongs to the series of retrogrades that happened in these years 2009, 2001, 1993, 1985, 1977, and so forth and so on… I made a mixtape of all the songs that were either the chart toppers or released during these past Venus Retros. Listen for ahas and eureka flash insights.

If we think back to what was happening in our lives then, this helps us to integrate our experiences and make sense of where we are now in relationship to those times as most likely we underwent some shifts in Venusian realms…break-ups, heartbreaks, personal makeovers, style upgrades, changes in tastes and aesthetics, etc

Your own natal Venus, will be stimulated, especially during the station direct and surrounding station retrograde days, so that you become more aware.

So what is Venus retrograde good for?

Venus in Aries is fierce. She loves to express her daring side and the threat of danger.  She want to love to the fullest, be seen and respected and “carpe diem” every damn day. How we choose to express our individuality in Love at this time will be a force of self actualization. How we chose to protect ourselves, what we are willing to fight for in love will also be “up. “How we assert ourselves in relationship and keep ourselves independent of another with be explored. How we deal with conflict, anger, sexual impulses of desire, gender identity, competitiveness, commitment, and how we animate our bodies will come to the forte. Relationships can either break-up or deepen and recommitment frequently happens during this phase. Get ready to hone on in a brave new vision for your Love/Art/Style/Sex Revolution.

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