There’s several key vibes going on at the moment all of which can be used for your awesome makeover/transformation. You may be feeling one, two, or all three.


“If I were you” know your Mars sign this week. i.e. What pisses you off? Arouses and fires you up?– intense week ahead ladies and gents. Up the “time-outs”, self care and balance the heat with “watery” type energy of solitude, writing, reflection, water activities such as long bath soaks, gentle music, saunas, ocean time etccc AND/OR burn it off through exercise, dancing, martial arts, you get my drift ??? IT IS VOLATILE. And volatility need not be a bad thing. Alchemically volatility is what allows for rapid changes and shifting of what was once stuck, stagnant, immovable patterns, ideas, relationships, situations….this is one of the beauties of fire energy – HARNESS IT! and align with your greatest passion!


And this……
“Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best. ….Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.” Ragnar Lothbrok Viking Extraordinaire
i.e. Stay in your heart

And this…


Omg Mars in Taurus……Thing LUST. BEWARE online retail/or otherwise especially with the ruler of Taurus, Venus in retrograde. Follow? BUT YES to thrift shop, pre-loved, and girlfriend clothing swaps and just all around good value/good deals on classic items OR those that improve beauty from the inside out… I’m not saying not to shop, just be mindful that your style, tastes, and aesthetics are in flux and may change AFTER the retrograde so whatever you buy may end up not satisfying you after say May.
Faking when clothes fit but, they REALLY don’t and then you have to let them go, give them away later etc because you’ve finally come to terms that they were never meant for you…same goes for love life, lol..
Best to use Mars in Taurus for taking action with self-care, body love/body worship, health & fitness regimes, and wealth/financial strategies.


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