Venus Rises

Hello LovaLovas! So Venus our love goddess has risen as morning star. If you get up early you can check her in the wee hours in the east rising before the Sun. The eastern direction is one of new beginnings, individuality, growth and belonging to oneself first.
Venus is also swimming into the very last degrees of the zodiac in Pisces. She is in a somewhat challenging aspect to Saturn.

Venus is the Heart

First remember Venus is about love, art, creativity, sensuality, sexuality, what brings people together, our values, relationships, and how we attract and magnetize what we love into our sphere. Venus is the heart.

The Goddess as honored guest

Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning she is the honored guest. She is powerful, resourceful, dreamy and compassionately full of feeling. This is great and yet Saturn is making sure that we are seeing clearly, not living too much in a fantasy land, playing the victim and self sacrificing in a way that is not really worth our efforts; which is very easy to do when Venus is in Pisces. Saturn may ask us to face some difficult truths. This may mean saying no to certain things only so that you can yes to what really allows your spirit to soar. It may mean you have to believe in your own abilities more….

So what about my chart?

Wherever you have Sagittarius & Libra energy in your chart is where you have two places working really well together. It’s like getting a doubly effective bang for your buck so to speak.

There may be a need to clearly define where you need lots of freedom, self belief, candor, and personal space to separate yourself from things that you love in order to get a BETTER PERSPECTIVE. Also, be inspired to find that you REALLY DO need relationships in order to show you where actually need MORE BALANCE in your life.

Venus Stations Direct

When Venus stations direct on the 14th she will be doing so in her most powerful position IN THE ZODIAC and at the same time she is choosing to accept some pretty challenging decisions that need to be made. She has everything she needs in order to carry out these commitments though once they are made. In some cases new commitments and responsibilities made be made, leaving behind those that really do not serve our heart. Venus is Pisces asks that we serve the collective heart or suffer.

Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to have REAL FAITH questioning us what is our FAITH in?

Much will come to light on the Libra Full Moon on April 11. As Libra rules relationships, harmony, balance, and social/intellectual coming togethers, we will be able to have more insight into where and how we need more balance in our lives. Mercury will also be stationing retrograde within a few days of this lunation and will be aligned with the awakener Uranus for several weeks!

This is really going to oxygenate wherever you have Aries in your chart. It’s zany, erratic, liberating and ideas literally being downloaded from the cosmos type of energy.

Blaze Your Trail

The rule of thumb with planetary alignments like this is “If you aren’t doing the energy, the energy will do you.” With Uranus that mean chaos, flash fires, and wild energy may seem to be coming from outside forces unless you take the reigns (Aries energy) and blaze your trail. Mercury can make it feel like our minds are racing all the time leaving us prone to anxiety, muscle tension, wired-yet tired experiences. This really is fab juju-use it.

I’ll be posting more soon about Mercury retrograde; so stayed tuned.




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