The Moon in Marilyn speaks of Legends

Even amidst so much freshness and buzz in the air, there may still be moments of deep contemplation and depressive tones.
The Moon in Capricorn got me feeling like…. Marilyn, although she was a dazzling gem (Gemini with Leo Rising) she also held deep inside her a Capricorn Moon. What many may not know is that she had a ferocious work ethic and minimalist home that fueled her “on stage” persona.
Capricorn moons although they may not feel the best are excellent for creating game plans and laying foundations for what may take a long time to manifest but will be legendary and enduring like Marilyn.
Use this power of La Luna wisely today 🌙 See where you can shore up boundaries, enforce commitments made to yourself, take time to be alone, take care of your body, cut out or upgrade any non essential behaviors, habits, things that aren’t in alignment with your end goal, weight lift. Get real.


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