So I’ve been learning the astro-lingo for a while and just like with any language, it takes time. For those of you thinking YEAH, i don’t understand some of the things you speak about…well now you know why- It is another language- a language of the stars. ”

It’s written in the stars, learn to read.”

NOW, I’m upgrading and dowloading my tech-lingo. Thank you Mercury & Uranus Hookup in Aries happening the rest of the month. I spoke about this before, especially in the Goddess Whispers newsletter.

Heal your LIVER

Spring-time is a time for growth, learning and experiencing new things. Trying different things, exploring places, subjects, and material will tonight your liver and harmonize you with the season happening right now. Liver energy wants to be inspired, move, dance, feel alive. I challenge you to think about where in your life you could use some NEWNESS. I dare you to step out of your comfort zone and LEARN SOMETHING NEW.


The Clarity Lab

AND big thank you to Briana Saussy and The Tarot Lady (Theresa Reid) for the podcast referrring the genius.

And my fav Elite Strategies for waking me up to the ropes. It’s never to late to up your game, whatever field you are wanting to play in.


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