Libra Zodiac Styling

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Brigitte Bardot Libra Sun

Did I hear you say shopping??

Libra loves LOVE, relationships, balance & beauty, and these are always on the mind when Libra vibes are present, whether it’s your Sun sign,  moon sign, Ascendent, etc; even when the sun is in the sign of Libra (Late September -Late October.) It’s a great time to enjoy social events especially those that are cultured, refined and filled with music, art or intellectual conversation. Beauty treatments, fashion and creative activities are highly favored. Enjoy ma Cherie 👯💞


Need some fitness inspiration?  Libra benefits from squats that strengthen that derrière. Give your Booty some lovin hun🍑 Balancing exercises, Pilates, barre and ballet are also great Libra moves!

Break out your aromatherapy, scented everything especially the rose, geranium, mega -floral, ylang ylang, and jasmine, and rub them on that BOOM BOOM.

Or better yet get a custom made scent just for your own personal Venus Star Placement here.



In the body,  Libra rules the kidneys, bladder (these filter the blood which creates the actual equilibrium) the skin, reproductive organs, derrière, lumbar regions and pancreas all fall under libra.

Drink plenty of pure water but don’t dilute yourself! Urine should also be a pale yellow color, clear and no odor. If your urine is clear you are over hydrated.

Libra does well with grapefruits, the bioflavonoids are amazing for the skin. Burdock root is an excellent blood purifier taking extra work load off the kidneys so Libra can relax, always a Libran favorite pastime! And to keep things balanced add some ginger to your day as ginger is ruled by Aries opposite sign to Libra. Ginger supports the heart which Libra can always use!

Skincare, power flirting, poetry and witty banter takes on another healing dimension.

Music compositions via the Divine Ratio, 432hz (google it,) Bach, Mozart, Beethoven

Venus symbol, Manuka Honey, Zen gardening, Pentagrams (this is the representation of the orbit of Venus in the heavens)

Fibonacci sequence all become tools of ultra healing therapies and talismans

Perfect for maxing out those beauty rituals, feud resolutions/partner anything, romantic rendezvous, fashion and retail therapy.

Libra vibe is all about being lovely, empowered and truth serving.


 Journal Prompts

*Where will you choose to take action for more love and truth in your life ?

*What purpose does beauty and glamour play in your life ?

*What is the highest expression of your divine love for your fellow brothers and sisters?

*What needs rebalancing now for a win-win scenario in your relationships to your own heart as well as those beloveds reflecting you?

*What are the commitments/contracts I have made with myself

*What are the committments/contracts I have made with others?

*When do I feel most intellectually friendly?



Libra’s symbol is the scales, therefore Libran style is all about symmetry, balance, harmony, IE the GOLDEN RATIO.

The golden ration is the very essence of nature and biology. Venus the ruler of Libra aka the love goddess is so intimately connected to fertility, life, renewal, and harmony. Check out the link above to see the science behind how the golden ratio is found in everything from art, flowers, architecture and more.

Back to Libra…..

Libras dress not only for themselves but for the “other”…. friends, lovers, whoever as long as it is someone that will flirt with them! Check out the pinterest board to get ultra inspired on bow to bring the essence of love, harmony and partnerships to the forte.



Beautiful hair—harmonious, pleasing, symmetrical. Hair styled to what the partner likes.



Beautiful, appealing clothes. Harmonious, color coordinated, pastel.



Libra colors are all the sunset hues, Sky Blues, green for the heart chakra,  PINK, pastels, beige, navy blues, lots of little flowers and or stars; very fairytale…once upon a time.



Beautifying make-up, in the latest styles & accentuating the eyes, the windows to the soul.



Earrings, bracelets, anything to add beauty and harmony.



Libras may actually shy away from tattoos unless they have other more fiery aspects in their charts going on.

If they do have an interest in tattoos, Libras do well with tasteful, balanced, symmetrical tattoos. Tattoos on the mid back. Tattoos equal on each side (as opposed to one sleeve—assymetry).

For more on the Libra vibes check this


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