Here’s some quick ways to inspire the Saggo Vibes if you’re feeling you need a little alignment.

1. Wear funky clothes

—if you feel excited and inspired by a rad and out there color–ROCK IT. So many rock stars are Saggos–that is the feeling we are going for now- Wild, big prints, bold rich colors, turquoise, royal blue, magenta, purple, glitter, bandanas, headbands, fringes, BOHEMIAN, leather, cowboy/girl style, boots, surfer girl style, short shorts–For those of you in warmer climate show some leg ladies!—Saggo rules the hips and thighs and most Saggos are blessed with rocking hind quarters!

2. Speak your truth—Saggos are renown for not having a verbal filter—They it how it is-TRUTH-and it usually is funny and connects people.


That’s what humor is after all—It’s about being in the right place at the right time—Propriety-This is a virtue of the FIRE/HEART ENERGY.


3. Move your hips—DANCE, Make LOVE, Work out, walk with a bounce in your step or with swag, squeeze your butt cheeks if you need to, just get blood in that area!


4. Listen to foreign exotic music or eat food from another country, visit another country, engage with peeps from other cultures—This is what expands our horizons allowing us to not be so rigid in our opinions of what life should be life…our belief systems. Learning about what other people value, their cultures, and ways of seeing the world that is different from ours.


5. Take a new class, read a new book, take a course of study that inspires you


6. Try citrus scents, like Bergamot, Orange, and Mandarin or Pathcouli –very earthy and sensual.


7. Do henna, archery, ancient rune rituals…very wild and exotic


8. Curry. Eat it. The blend of turmeric and ginger and other spices is very balanced and gets your circulation going while clearing inflammation from joints at the same time–Very Yin/Yang-adding warmth to the body but also clearing excess heat!


9. Get naked and better yet do it outside in nature so you feel the air on your skin. Go streaking. I’m serious it is so liberating and really does feed the wild heart’s soul. Have sex outside, and with a viewing if possible-Sneak peaks are fun!



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