Happy Full Moon Lova,

How are you?

I recorded a musing on this Capricorn New Moon & the Earth Element of Chinese Medicine.  And for when you feel yourself getting sucked into the intensity that is not imagined, folks, it is real, check out this dry humor, a Capricorn talent to help keep things lite.

Eclipse Season is upon us from now until the end of February.  I speak a little bit about that here, although if you really are feeling the emotional churn, it’s probably time for a deeper dive into YOU.


An astrology consult can be just what the doctor ordered. Our birthcharts are essentially our soul blueprints for life! They are treasure maps helping to illuminate quite a bit of what this portal of growth is for you personally. Hit me up with a reply and we can ride this magical eclipse dragon Khaleesi style.

Capricorn Moon 101.jpg

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