hen the Liver is in a state of health, we have the capacity to set goals, be ambitious, set boundaries, have intimacy, AND we can also yield, bend, and adapt to set backs, heal, re strategize when met with obstacles and changes to plans.

Anger is an expression of the Liver organ and Wood Element as is compassion, a higher vision or spiritual perspective of our lives which includes benevolence💜

When the liver energy is not flowing optimally we may experience headaches, neck pain, breakouts, menstrual irregularities, skin rashes, high blood pressure, bloating and digestive complaints, constipation and or diarrhea, hunger fluctuations, depression, deep seated festering anger, resentments, and inappropriate uses of force aggression, overly competitive, the inability to listen to others viewpoints and beliefs, becoming judgemental and overly zealous in religious or philosophical ideas.

Mars rules over the Liver energy, and as we are nearing the midpoint of his synodic cycle with the Sun, he is burning the strongest and brightest ever, although from our perspective here on earth he seems to be traveling backwards (Retrograde) so we may feel tired, lacking energy, drive, or on the opposite end of the spectrum where we are in overdrive, high strung and without the capacity to press on the breaks and slow down.

You could also be oscillating between the two.

Use today, with the moon in Sagittarius, which has a wonderful connection to the Liver energy to gain a higher perspective of where you are at.

Engage with dance, whether that is physically, mentally or emotionally. Allow yourself the freedom to be moved in the direction of your bliss and expansion. Breath inspiration all the way down to your hips. If you are feeling too much resistance against you or within you, then allow yourself to retreat further into yourself like the stillness of a tiger right before she pounces on her prey.

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