Mars can get such a bad rap, the planet of lust, heat, passion, willpower and guts. He is traditionally attributed as the God of War after all (think Khal Drogo.)

The other malefic Saturn, doesn’t get much praise either. And yet we are in a Mars Retrograde cycle, which means that our solar plexus, will center is being purified.

To bring wholeness via alchemy & healing into our lives, we need to own all aspects of Nature … and this includes destruction, breakdown, waiting, patience, and being in the uncomfortable.

It is here that we forge strength.

Yeah sure, we can tap our Venus and sweet talk our way through negotiations, or manifest with Mercury, although with the current Astro terrain…. it’s really about cutting ties with certain ways of utilizing or not utilizing our will, our drive to protect, defend and conquer….. and nobody cuts better than Mars or Saturn!

In order to do this, we need to self penetrate to regenerate.

And just like a penis penetrates a vagina in love making, so we too need to tap our own Mars…in order to woo and make love to our Venus (our heart) – to partner with ourselves and become whole.

Try cutting with a Venus…. you end up with a whack plastic surgery job. Mercury actually could work with cutting (Mercury is the hermaphrodite I.E. he has both male and female aspects) although it’s the will of Mars that employs the mental processing power to cut through the dark shadowy aspects of the psyche.

All of this may not for the faint of heart. We don’t undertake surgery lightly. We don’t undertake going to war lightly. And yet sometimes, this is exactly what is needed in order to LIVE.

“Easy choices, tough life, tough choices easy life.”


And i get it. Not everyone is born or raised to be a warrior. Not everyone was spawned in Sparta after all.

And it can be tricky to even know how to access something when we have thought processes like:

“ I dont even understand hate, or anger, or competition. “

Anger is ugly, pain is bad, etc….”

Because we are already disowning and shaming something that WE ALL possess; the masculine phallic function.

What’s my point?

Astrology offers some really amazing tools if you happen to resonate with these above statements and are in need of accessing your own mojo, or understanding how to operate your Mars power in a more elegant and skilled fashion such as Winston Churchill.

“If you’re going through hell….keep going.”

“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

Mars is currently in Aquarius where he will be basically till November 15, so whatever area of life that you are experiencing conflict and challenge is where you have the amazing trail blazing blessing of upgrading your mainframe.

Mars normally doesn’t stay this long in one area of your zodiac chart! Use it!!!!

Even if you just know what house this falls in, THIS will give you tremendous insight into what area of life you would do best by becoming stronger there.

This Mars Cycle actually began in Leo, the SPOTLIGHT SOVEREIGN,

so these are the themes seeking to be explored by the Mars Retrograde.

*You have concerns about your Legacy, aka leaving your mark on the world.

*Abadonement issues

* You feel like you have nothing to show for all your efforts.

*Fatigue, laziness, or sleep disorders plague your existence like an annoying pest.

*You need a romance reinvention & a wild sex extravaganza

*Shyness, fears of showing up, stepping into the spotlight, being present, or receiving

accolades fill the back of your mind with dark thoughts.

*You’re a closet artist and crave more creativity in your day to day existence.

*You may not like to admit it, but suppressed anger, frustration, are hiding in your broom


*You struggle with creative/sexual embarrassment or shame.

*You feel disempowered when it comes to raising children and/or fertility.

*You continually struggle to experience real joy & radiance in your life.

*Codependent behavior has been the theme song of your life.

*You feel like you can’t follow through on your commitments, especially to yourself.


Think back to what was happening in August 2017. This was the seed moment. We are now in the midpoint…well it will be exact the end of July. This is the part of the heroe’s journey where you face the dragon. It’s not about defeating the dragon, it’s about;

Owning your magical dragon ride.

So if this is you and you want more than anything to claim victory, check out the

Savage Glam Catwalk.

I designed this makeover specifically for you.

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