Have you been thinking about how to best to channel Mars Mojo for the Retrograde with a feminine edge?

Get to know Circe.

“I rise then and go to my herbs, I create something, I transform something. My witchcraft is as strong as ever, stronger. This too is good fortune. How many have such power and leisure and defense as I do?”

— Circe, Madeline Miller 

Circe, the FAMED TEMPTRESS of the Iliad & Odyssey Epic, translates as She-Falcon, a bird of prey with incredibly keen VISION. Tap her influence to channel VISIONARY PROWESS.

Other associations of her name are the sun, circle, spinner, weaver of destiny, circus. She really knows how to put on a show!

She is the Quintessential MarsRX inspiration LADY STYLE.

Her magical powers include using knots and braids in the hair along with natural materials woven  as enchantments (sewing, knitting.) She was skilled in pharmacopia to make love potions. Isle of Aeaea was a funerary shrine to her where she tamed wild beasts.

There is an asteroid named after her. The discovery chart features a 2 of spades in the destiny card system of which is shared by Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, & Audrey Hepburn!!! #divastatus

Breathe her into your life force with the botanical scent here!

Physical love, sorcery, enchantments, procognitive dreams, cauldrons & necromancy, magnetism, radiance, fame are her TALENTS.

“i’ll put a spell on you.”

She is asteroid 34.  Throw her into your next chart casting and get wowed out OR Just mention this post at checkout & a mini reading of her position in your chart will be provided with your order!

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