And so it begins…..

Thursday nite was officially the beginning of the Eclipse portal. We have another Lunar Eclipse with an added quick and dirty Mars on the 27th ++++ finally a Luscious Leo Eclipse August 11th. The portal officially closes August 17th.

And yes this is gonna be a ride so buck up buttercup.

Why? You may ask, am I calling this a ride?

First of all these are not ordinary new & full moons. These are way more magical.

Eclipse season happens 2times a year and although their occurrences aren’t all that rare, the way that an eclipse happens from an astronomical point of view is. Plus we are moving from the Leo Aquarius axis to the Cancer Capricorn axis for the next 18months….so a big energetic shift is in play.

Eclipses happen when the the location of a new and/or full moon fall within 19 degrees of the karmic nodes of the moon.

What are the nodes of the moon?

The lunar nodes are the orbital nodes of the Moon, that is, the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the aparent path of the sun across the sky.) The ascending or north node is where the moon crosses from south of the ecliptic to north of the ecliptic.–wikipedia

Any contact with the nodes are deemed auspicious, dangerous & destiny portals. 

The Node of the Moon myth goes like this.

In Vedic Astrology (from India) the nodes of the moon are named Rahu (Head of the Dragon) and Ketu (Tail of the dragon.)
What happens during an eclipse is that the “dragon” swallows the luminaries (the sun & moon) of the night sky and the earth is left without light. So momentarily what happens from the perspective of us earth dwellers is that the “lights” go out. Imagine being in a room and someone suddenly shutting off the light switch and then on again.

The effect created is suddenly we become aware of things that we were not aware of before. A lot of times it can be drastic and feel like you are riding on a rollercoaster ride because now you have to adapt to situations that just a a moment ago you thought were totally “normal.”

Look to what house Leo & Aquarius as well as Cancer & Capricorn fall in your natal chart to know where in your life this is inviting you to do some SERIOUS UPGRADING.

From a spiritual perspective these eclipses are portals that invite us to let go…..of patterns of behavior that no longer serve our highest good. Everything speeds up. So if we are riding the “dragon” instead of fearing the dragon (the yucky feelings and/or shadows of the psyche) then we can evolve at warp speed and move swiftly through the portal. Imagine the sci-fi movies where you are able to pass through time at light speed via holes in the galaxy. It is the same concept.

SO what to do about it?

1. Up your meditation practice
2. Release the tension point where you are holding onto anything…desires, possessions, relationship dynamics, ideas….
3. Surprise Yourself- be the change maker
4. Avoid dramatic scenarios, peeps and people that seem to suck your energy. –in ye-olden days astrology-these portals were said to allow in parasitic energies from other parts of the universe….were-wolves, qi-vampires, succubus,etc…

5. Be careful with your words and actions. Karma is highly at play during these times. Whatever you say and do literally ripple out over lifetimes.
6. Take adaptogens-  (in herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes.

A well-known example is ginseng.
Another is Tulsi-sacred basil
Tibetan Rhodiola
(these are all readily available as teas, message me if you need help in procuring.)

Flower Essences such as Star of Bethlehem and Walnut or Rescue Remedy
Get acupuncture and or any therapy that boosts your immune system, increases circulation and releases endorphins.

Especially for the LEO Eclipse –

Leo loves to look good!

This is Fabulous for artistic inspiration, theatre, healthy drama & love affairs,  flamboyance and YES PARTIES!

I’m personally rocking this path:
If you do nothing but challenge yourself to train your body well during Mars Retrograde (which is tied into this Eclipse) you will have done tremendous work to understand the immense satsfaction of strengthening your WILL …. not your ideas.

Both the 1st and 3rd eclipse in this series are on the North Node so HUNGER issues arise.

Do you have hunger “issues?”

IE your hunger is too strong, too weak, or your hunger fluctuates all the time? Then you need to listen to this. And not just for food peeps. Your desires….. for all the LEO themes…..fame, the spotlight, control, pride, creativity, romance, children, creativity, power.

Ok my loves, that’s all for now…..

Love & Stardust  xoxoxo

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