Mars retrograde like Mercury retrograde does not necessarily mean slowing down.

In fact both of these planets in their retrograde phase are burning and traveling at the fastest that they possibly burn in their cycle. It is only from our perspective here on earth that they appear to be moving backwards.

In Mars retrograde we are purifying our will center which means

S E P A R A T I N G (Mars keyword)

our wills from our ideas.

Ideas of what it is we think we should be doing or how we should be doing it and why we want to do it.

Instead we access the God consciousness, the “I am” presence, the “I will” within our solar plexus to move and motivate us forward towards our hearts desire.

“Be still and know that I am God/Goddess.”

And so in some ways yes we would benefit from slowing down albeit the slowing down is only to clarify what it is we are actually using our wheels for, not in fact to just not do, and not move forward because we feel fear or we feel tired or sluggish or disempowered.

In the body when we are operating more from our ideas as opposed to our true will center we may tend to experience digestive complaints excess mucus or phlegm sludge bloating anxiety “wind” such as headaches gas dryness in the system. Too much air too much thinking too much vata too much wind.

And in some ways this requires us to go backwards, to find where we lost our will, meaning we revisit instances from our past where we have mis-engaged with our energy or miss used our energy or have had our energy miss used against us-violence suffering defeat abuse physical sexual emotional rape burn out break down accidents injury poor immunity fatigue auto immune blood disorders

Having these experiences in our life are all examples and reflections that in someway our Mars energy is not operating cleanly.

So we go back to clean out and purify. The sign and house Mars Rx falls in your chart shows the area of life for you this purifying is happening. Your natal Mars will tell of your personal Mars Mythos.

There’s many nuances to making sense of these Retrogrades. The gold is in the digging, not so much the superficial – at least not right now.

So if you find yourself saying- I don’t want to go deeper anymore, I’ve already done so much work, I’m tired, I just need to stop—- this is a sign you would benefit from accessing your true will.

When we are in our will center and not our “idea” or mind place, we have all the energy and more we could ever need for what it is we were destined to be and accomplish.

To clarify if you’re meant to be an oak tree and you try and try and try with all your might to be a pineapple because that is what you think you want to be- there’s a problem there, and why would you want to defy your intrinsic nature and value?

You will have all that you need for you to grow tall and produce beautiful acorns although you will never produce pineapples at least not without a ton of waste, bizarre side effects and ego filled actions that creates perversion in the rest of the system.

You may need to tweak and C U T (Mars keyword) certain things from your life, especially memes and thought forms. You’ve already come so far- To give up now? No.

We actually cut and D E F I N E now more than ever.

As above, so below…Just have a look at Mars in the sky tonite, and if that is any indication of the RED planet not burning his brightest, so too can you 💋

If there is a gap it is from getting from idea into will and defining that for yourself.

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