Mercury magic is strong all this week peeps, as He stations. What does it all mean?
It means we engage with our lower chakras A LOT more!

We get primal and allow our instinctive animal selves to guide us.

Whatever nasty feelings that got dredged up by the recent Pluto Powered Eclipse — we use as fuel to direct and transform.

Mercury is all about INFORMATION

And when he is in Retrograde phase of his cycle, all info is highly volatilized, meaning it is up in the air and charged with catalytic energy for change.

Our thoughts and words are extremely magical and primed for manifestation xxxxxxxxxxxx🌟✨✨✨✨✨🌟

We are literally sifting and sorting thru all our mental processes especially the subconscious, to put back in order according to what it is we truly value and believe in the NOW for survival, for shine factor because hello Mercury is in Leo.

And yes you heard that right. This is about the lower chakras. The baser elements of life.

Don’t shame your game.

I’ll repost my video on Mercury retrograde — it was in Aries which will help you put this one into perspective – as we are tapping into what happened then…….and by going backward we are moving forward 😉
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