We have a crescent moon joining Venus tonite as Inanna ascends to the throat chakra mansion of Virgo.

For the next month we reclaim our voice.

What more needs to be purified in the heart chakra in order to reclaim the voice of the Goddess?

With Venus in Virgo:

Our attention shifts to our heart, hearth & home

The heart is the drum beat of our lives

Feel into the dance that is your life.

Are you dancing to a reaggae song right now, or hardcore rap, or a classical sonata?

Your heartbeat sets the pace, the rhythm of your song.

Virgo relishes a to do list:

  • Filter messages (both those spoken to you & those received) through a prism whose focus is to heal relationships.
  • Pay attention to your heart health. – Is your heart happy, sad, indifferent?
  • What love language really lights you up inside?
  • How you could refine that language?

Venus in Virgo will be forming a grand trine with Uranus (Rule Breaker) & Border Patrol Wizard Saturn giving us the potential to liberate from inherited yet non serving values and establishing new laws and rules to foundation new love upon.

Ritual Magic


Magic mirror, a veil, candle or light

Mantra/Visualization Practice

My heart is a brilliant diamond reflecting my devotion to my self

I am discerning in all the relationships I attract

I appreciate and harmonize chaos into pure nourishment

I am worthy of relationships that excite & stabilize

I find beauty everywhere

As this month continues heating up with all of the eclipses, find a pace that is sustainable so you don’t burn out or blow a gasket.

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