It has always been my desire to collaborate creatively with a team, where everyones unique contribution dances in the pure delight of self expression; it just FLOWS and we get to be apart of something greater than our individual selves yet each shining our own Love.

I have so many people to thank for allowing me to feel this kind of bliss. 

Robert John Malone your sound engineering genius is truly an honor to witness. I love your exquisite attention to detail, raw talent mixed with the professionalism that honors the sacredness of sound. 
Angie Myers you know how impressed I am with your ability to move and capture images. You are the hottie behind the camera that brings out the hottie in me🌺 
Katherine Finxy your goddess threads adorning my body struck the perfect mood for this shoot; the balance of tender silk meets tiger stripes. 
Thank you all for sharing your gifts. Your hearts have made mine soar. I hope this song brings you the pleasure I had in co-creating with you! Get it on Spotify presave here!

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