The Science

Our sense of smell has always been linked with the way we feel and/or our emotions. It is a scientific phenomena that fragrance is inspired up through the nose, passes the blood brain barrier and into the limbic system. The limbic system is the part of our brain responsible for emotion, instincts, behavior, motivation, habits, long-term memory, and olfaction.

Emotions are by definition a fleeting and changeable thing. We are able to remember them but never able to claim them again. It is this elusiveness and its connection to scent that makes perfume so magical and spiritual I believe. For we are taken away to another time and place when we smell scents and have the potential to invoke the ethereal and spiritual parts of our being right into our physical bodies!

The art of perfumery & alchemy

Fixing the volatile is an alchemical process whereas the baser elements (those that are heavier, crude, leaden and less refined) are used to suspend those substances which are fleeting and impossible to handle or “volatile”. This is similar to what happens when we merge our higher minds with our lower minds…. this all happens in the sacred space of the heart.

Fixation is an alchemical term denoting the process of reducing a volatile spirit or essence to a permanent bodily form. So when we inhale a scent over and over again we are taking the qualities of that fragrance and turning it into more of us. Essentially we are using it as a building block towards our future path. 

Archetypes, God & Goddess, Heroines & Heroes

This is the concept of how we can use perfumes to invoke a specific archetype in our lives. For example when you smell a rose you are bringing into your body the qualities of love, compassion and feminine energy, you are becoming more in touch with the love inside of you. Whereas if you inhale black pepper, you are invoking the spicy qualities of a warrior. You are accessing the part of you that knows how to make a stand and distinguish with bold self assertion. Combine this practice with visualization and intention and voila, you’ve got manifestation magic.

Perfume materials are classified into base, heart, and head notes. Top notes being the most volatile or changeable and first to impress upon the senses. Heart notes are the well the “heart” of a perfume. They are what gives it body and shape and form, they are the container just like our physical heart which is a container for our spirit ❤️ The base notes are responsible for fixing the perfume and keeping it within the wearers presence like a memory…..making the experience last and take root. Visit the boudoir and see which altar ego wishes to awaken more inside of you.

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