In this 4 week Masterclass you will learn the different avenues of practice, including what a Talisman is, how they work, what they are, what they are not, and more.

The class will cover the history, theory and practice of this ancient and powerful art. Along with practical exercises, outlines for petitions, attunements & talisman and materia creation. Suited to both newbies as well as astro fiends looking for a different perspective to spice up their practice. 

Classes will be held on Sundays
I am requiring a minimum of 10 students to begin.

If you sign up after June 10, class price goes up to $144.
Click here to submit payment and begin enrollment process.

Still not sold? Check out this video, “Making more magic with Mercury”, my behind the scenes video on how Hermes aka Mercury, Thoth is arguably the most powerful deity to work with in your magic practice. 

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