Many tend to associate Goth with the dark, and although there’s reason for that,
Gothic Architecture & aesthetic actually arose as an artistic expressionary movement OUT OF the dark ages, which preceeded the Renaissance age.

During this era, increasing amounts of funds were allocated to the design of buildings with extremely high pitched ceilings, large stained glass windows, pointed arches, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, and ornate decoration all to celebrate increasing the amount of LIGHT flooding into these temples; Notre Dame being one of the most famous.

Gargoyles were symbolically used to deflect dark energies from entering as were practically used AS GUTTERS, which would keep water from stagnating in crevices within the highly ornate structures. If we compare a castle to our own body’s temple, which is “our first stronghold of magic- “

a quote from Albus Dumbledore, High Magician of the Harry Potter Series,

gutters serve as an external dregs or colon of the body to safely eliminate toxins from the system & recirculate water to where it is useful. In astro medicine this is associated with the Scorpio, Pluto, Hades, Persephone, Underworld sphere where the powerful emotions are harnessed & soul is transformed to rise reborn like the phoenix more beautiful & powerful than before.

In my own personal magical practice, these GARGOYLE spirits have served as portals, guardians at the gate that allow entrance only when, released judgments about the exterior FACADE of things and or feelings of shame, or what most would consider dark or ugly are dropped, you then gain entrance into a wildly magical and altogether highly spiritual dimension.

And isn’t this what the church and/or the spi- RITUAL is for? An all compassionate, LIMINAL albeit safe place for sinners to be cleansed of their “separation” from God, to be made HOLY (wholistic) by returning to the oneness, the lightness of BEING, a reclaiming of our innocence & purity?

GOTH is an aesthetic which celebrates a return back to the LIGHT by first embracing and even costuming oneself in the dark, thereby releasing resistance to it. Hence the inspiration for my curiously popular

GOTH ROMANCE. I say curious as my fragrances tend toward the avant grade in style.

In this composition, I imagined the fragrance I wanted to be transported in; while in the luscious embrace of a veiled cocoon, scented in chocolate saffron, frankincense, dark woods, Turkish rose & botanical musk being drawn through the dark night of the soul by wild cats. 

I invoked the Mythos of F R E Y A, Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty, Valkyrie Queen, Death & Rebirth, Shapeshifting & Magic for when you are undergoing a deep transformation of your soul, due to death, loss, major life change & DESIRE speedy luxury travel to draw you through the birth canal portal in style.

Image: Parliament Budapest, Hungary

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