My gift is to alchemize all the places in you, where your soul has been stolen. So that your heart purifies and opens to forgive all the past pains, secrets & betrayals of Self carried in the memories of your bloodline. More Love is coming & Ecstacy is your promise.

Swirling fragrance notes like a honeyed melody, she’s been spotlighted inĀ , material girl in a mystical world, where her Empress Botanical Perfume composition has been featured.

You can listen to her music on all the major platforms under her alter ego Sirencreatrix.

When she’s not training her warrior queen bod, singing, playing with her bambinos, you can find her mixing up potions, capturing starlight & moonbeams, spreading that joy thru the ethers with her friends and family, dancing, or sunbathing a la playa.

Her latest song release Rainbow Bright hit the air waves in November 2018. She’s also been creating Music of Spheres Album, a luminous playlist of planetary sound prescriptions. You check those out here on the site.

She has also recently collaborated with artists on upcoming songs, Python & Come with Me to drop in March & April of 2019!

Ready to take the shame outta your game and catwalk into the rose gold of your soul? Let’s talk.